The Two Faces of Human Traffickers : PopWorldNews

Written by CM; sourced from PopWorldNews

After aggressively researching into Services, such as Child Protection Services, (who are Globally owned and operated by the Catholic Church and it’s Banks and Corporations, who coincidentally happen to own the BAR Association and Family Courts, under Black Laws, and CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST, aka your Straw-man. Also, known as the All Caps Name on you and your Minor Children’s Birth Certificates). This is what I UNCOVERED!

These subjects, are vastly being researched and pushed out into media by myself and many more, who are rapidly becoming TRUTH SEEKERS on such mediums as YouTube, Facebook, and more. Brave, Strong, Men and Women, who have had enough of the injustices of this MURDEROUS, MODERN DAY SLAVERY AND CHILD TRAFFICKING SYSTEM. Mostly consisting of CHILD SEXUAL TRAFFICKING AND ABUSE, which can be discovered consistently by the TRUTH SEEKERS WORLD WIDE, GLOBALLY!

Due to many illegal and unlawful events in my own life, I have turned to probing and re-questioning ALL AUTHORITY and EVERYTHING I have ever believed in. I became a TRUTH SEEKER while researching all possible answers in effort to solve all the Legal complexity issues of Federal and International Crimes and Violations of Treason, (which were committed against me and my family in my own case while, on what should have been a Relaxing Educational Experience and Joyous Vacation, which will remain confidential till Trial).

However, due to my case, I Realize the Truth of this Systematic Child and Human Trafficking System and it’s LETHAL SLAUGHTERING OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, which they do in fact, do for profit!