Latest Data Drop from the ‘Neilson Crime Files!’

District Solicitors for Lewes District Council – Catherine Knight & Rolf Harries





For the attention of all members of Sussex Police Authority





1, I am pressing charges under.  The Criminal justice and public order act 1994 section 51-witness intimidation

 2, I am pressing charges under Protection from Harassment act 1997

 3, Criminal conspiracy cover up for Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc, s part in the murder of Katrina Taylor

4, Covering up Fraud committed by Lewes District Council

5, Harassment and intimidation of a disabled person to cause him maximum distress

6, Criminal conspiracy with Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc and a P. Brotherton a the leaseholder top flat 318

7, Criminal conspiracy covers up mayor crimes dating from 1988 committed by Lewes District Council against Mr Neilson and Mr B. Cox.

8, Criminal Misfeasance in public office

9, Misfeasance in public office

10, Malicious falsehood

12, Abuse of powers as using environmental health officers to cover up harassment

13, Corruption in public office

14, Intimidation of Mr Neilson to pervert the course of justice over Lewes Council Corruption and other crimes

15, Criminal conspiracy Witness intimidation by John Crawford. K. Knight. R. Harries. Ann De Vecchi. Councillor David O. Rogers. Ex Council Leader Norman Baker MP


Corruption a Full investigation in to Winton Investments is required and all the criminal actives surrounding the freehold of 318 South Coast rd Peacehaven.

Criminal conspiracy witness intimidation with John Crawford. K. Knight. R. Harries. Ann De Vecchi. Councillor David o. Rogers. Ex Council Leader Norman Baker Mp Insp. M.  Preddy and other persons within Lewes District Council not yet named.

Criminal conspiracy with Winton Investments I.O.M to cover up intimidation harassment aiding and abetting harassment covering up the attempted murder of Mr B. Cox my Winton Investments

To intimate Mr Neilson with Sussex police to pervert the course of justice over council corruption and other crimes.

Rolf Harries. John Crawford, K. Knight with the full knowable of council members to get myself and my neighbour Mr Cox to form a Company to buy the freehold of our building from The Crown Estate with an impostor Marcel Sulc /Mark Slade with full knowledge was a known criminal who had no legal connection with the building.

Failed to act over Landlord & Tenant Offences committed by my Winton Investments.

Covered up criminal offences committed by Winton Investments and other persons.

Lied to Councillors over us being harassed.

He did not report these criminals’ actions to the police

The council has a fraudulent local land charge on our building of an approximate amount of £27,000 she was informed that the Crown Estate had a large amount of money free to pay this charge but she refused to ask for the Crown Estate for it.

A Full investigation in to Lewes District Council is required by an outside Police Force as members of members of Sussex Police Authority are known to have tried to stop Mr Neilsons civil legal against Winton investments which Mr Neilson won and proved in court harassment and attempted murder. After the case, Mr Neilson tried to report this plus other crimes to the then area Commander C. Pople who refused to see him.

A Full investigation in to Winton Investments is required and all the criminal actives surrounding the freehold of 318 South Coast rd Peacehaven.

The council has a fraudulent local land charge on our building of an approximate amount of £27,000 He was informed that the Crown Estate had a large amount of money free to pay this charge but he refused to ask for the Crown Estate for it.


OAP Murder Witness Living in Fear.

Elderly murder witness David ‘Joe’ Neilson, is too scared to return home to Sussex, in fear he will be killed by Sussex Police.

David ‘Joe’Neilson following attack on his life

The full story of Katrina Taylor’s murder and the cover up that followed.

How one man had to fight against some of the UK’s most powerful criminal organisations to try and get justice for Brighton’s most controversial unsolved murder.

318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven

Between 10.30pm on 4th July and 3.30am 5th July, 1966, Karina Taylor was stabbed to death, by 5 stab wounds to her upper torso, with two puncturing her heart and causing death. The body of Katrina Taylor was found in the graveyard of St Nicholas Church, in the centre of Brighton, at 8.30am in the morning.

The 19-year-old mother of an eight month old daughter was a petty criminal and heroin user, who had just met up with her boyfriend Mattie Laurie and his friend John Cosham, to burgle the property of Neisha Williams.

Supporting a heroin addiction costing up to £200 a day, Katrina acted out as a lookout, while Neisha Williams was robbed of a number of electrical items. They even returned later to steal the washing machine, and set fire to the furniture.

This one act committed on 8 May 1996, would set into motion a turn of events which would eventually result in Katrina’s death, two month’s later on 4th July 1996.  

She was spotted sitting on the steps of a Brighton seafront hotel by Simon Williams, the brother of Neisha WIlliams, who was burgled, who at the time was in his car with his girlfriend, Sarah Jackson.

According to eyewitnesses Simon stopped his car, got out, and Katrina ran into the hotel. The hotel’s manager recalls Katrina running in saying, “that black guy is going to kill me.”

Simon Williams entered the hotel and grabbed hold of Katrina, all the while Katrina pleading Simon not to hurt her. “Don’t hurt me, I know you’re going to hurt me.”

According to evidence given in court, both Katrina Taylor and Simon Williams arrived at 77 Centurion road in Brighton at about 6.15pm.

Katrina admitted to having sold Neisha’s stereo and admitted to have acted as a lookout, while her home was burgled.

Events were set to escalate and take on a more sinister turn.

There is no direct evidence to suggest what occurred between this time and the death of Katrina, only the killers of Karina knew what happened that fateful night.

We can only surmise that Katrina made a run for it. Waited for an opportunity to escape, and once it came she took it. She would have ran for the door and ran as fast as she could.

But with her killers in hot pursuit, she would have only reached the graveyard of St Nicholas church before being caught and murdered in cold blood.

Over the next 25 years, four people were charged with her murder. The trial was held at Lewes Crown Court in 1997. Two were found not guilty and two were found guilty. Those found guilty appealed on 15 Oct 1998 and got a retrial at the Old Bailey in London 1999.

No one has been found responsible for her murder.

The story behind Katrina Taylor’s murder, reveals a sinister partnership between organised crime and Sussex Police.

One man stumbled over this connection, and his world has never been the same again.

Heralded a hero for discovering the murder weapon that killed Katrina Taylor, David ‘Joe’ Neilson, has since gone onto become a thorn in the side of Sussex Police, ignored by Aged Concern, and banned from reporting crimes against himself.

Matt Taylor & David Neilson

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Is David ‘Joe’ Neilson in Danger?

Breaking News: HELP URGENT David Neilson Under Attack

David Neilson, whistle-blower in the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder cover-up, has called for help following a visit by five MI5 operatives to his Portuguese hideaway.

Hiding for the last 5 years in Portugal, David Neilson says he’s been dragged to hospital, into a room of two men wearing COV-19 protective clothing.

More news as we hear more…….

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The Elderly Abuse of David ‘Joe’ Neilson

Let’s talk about Joe!

Matt Taylor & David ‘Joe’ Neilson the day after their arrest in January 2015

I first met him in 2012, after I declared my intention to stand in the inaugural 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

His first question to me was, “what will you do about police corruption?” to which I remember answering, “what police corruption.”

Since that day both Joe and I have formed a firm friendship and I’ve learnt (first-hand) all about the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up.

I’ve written extensively about Katrina Taylor (no relation,) which you can read via the links below.

New Evidence in the 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder

Momentum is growing for the reinvestigation of the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor in Brighton.

To cut a long story short; Katrina Taylor was murdered in 1996 and Joe Neilson was the main witness who pointed Sussex police to her killers.

While her killers were brought to justice; justice was interfered with, and her killers allowed to walk free.

As of today, the Katrina Taylor murder remains an unsolved murder, and a murder no one wants to talk about. In fact its fair to say, Katrina Taylor’s murder is being erased from history.

Joe Neilson calls foul, claiming a murder cover-up. In response, Joe has been hounded out of his home, too scared to return in fear he’ll be killed by Sussex Police.

Joe asks the question; Who told Sussex CC Paul Whitehouse in 1996 to cover up Katrina’s murder and Mark Slade/ Marcel Sulcs part in the murder?

Which raises our own questions;

Who is Sussex CC Paul Whitehouse and who is Mark Slade/Marcel Sulc?

Chief Constable of Sussex Police Paul Whitehouse – 1993-2001

Extract taken from Celebrating 50 years of Sussex Police…

Paul Whitehouse hit the headlines in 2001 following his resignation from his post, following the fatal shooting of James Ashley, 39, an unarmed man, who laid naked in his bed with his girlfriend, when he was shot and killed.

The then Home Secretary in Tony Blair’s government, David Blunkett, put pressure on Whitehouse to resign. He effectively invited the now defunct Sussex Police Authority, to dismiss Whitehouse if it wanted to restore public confidence in the county’s police force.

Retiring on a full pension; (a common trend among police officers who found themselves facing disciplinary action), Whitehouse maintained he had done nothing wrong, and that his police officers acting professionally, so much so that he promoted the two police officers after the event.

He said at the time, “I have done nothing wrong. I have behaved to the highest standards of integrity that I expect all my officers to have.”

James Ashley

Ashley was shot by a member of PC Chris Sherwood, a member of Sussex police Special Operations Unit, when it raided a flat in St Leonards, Hastings, in January 1998. Officers had been told that two men, probably armed, were in the flat with a large quantity of drugs.

Ashley, who had a conviction for manslaughter, was in bed with his girlfriend when the police broke in. He was shot when he apparently went to turn on a light.

PC Sherwood would later be acquitted of murder and manslaughter at the Old Bailey. Charges of criminal misconduct against four senior officers involved in planning the raid were also dropped.

The final straw appears to be Whitehouse’s subsequent decision to go ahead with the promotion of two of the officers and backdate their pay increases precipitated the events that led to his resignation. The move angered members of the police authority, who were not consulted. One source said it was the “final straw”.

Clearly defiant and insistent that he had done nothing wrong, Whitehouse said, “My integrity is my most important possession and to hear it called into question both hurts and angers me. I shall now carefully consider what action to take in respect of the scurrilous accusations that have been made against me.”

He questioned Mr Blunkett’s role and said, “politicians should avoid looking for scapegoats when faced with the consequences of fighting crime.”

“I hope he realizes that if he wants us to be firm in our fight against drugs then officers will have to make decisions that may have unfortunate consequences. It is essential in these circumstances that these officers are supported, providing they have acted with integrity themselves.”

It’s a shame that Whitehouse’s time in office ended in such disgrace, though allegations of cover-up and misconduct were also levelled against him and Sussex police, following the murder of 19 year old Katrina Taylor in 1996, and accused of ignoring corruption in Wealden District Council.

⦁ Paul Whitehouse – Bushywood

To learn more about Katrina Taylor and the subsequent murder cover up, I would highly recommend you check out the following blogs published by Taylor Investigations.

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⦁ Katrina Taylor unsolved murder cover-up

⦁ Momentum is growing for the re-investigation of the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor

Who is Mark Slade, aka Marcel Sulc.

Extract taken from ‘New Evidence in the 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder’….

The Fifth Man

Mark Slade

The fifth man is an alleged crime lord called Mark Slade, aka Marcel Sulc.

Simon Williams worked for Mark Slade by managing the post, deliveries and pick ups, from the property of 318 South Coast road, Peacehaven.

If David Neilson was called to give evidence, the jury would have heard that Mark Slade’s gang were using the flat above Mr Neilson, Top Flat, 318 Southcoast road, Peacehaven, East Sussex, for varying types of criminal activities from credit fraud and drugs.

According to Mr Neilson, Slade openly boasted of having a string of criminal convictions, including blackmail, deception, handling stolen goods, actual bodily hard, firearms, burglary and drug dealing.

Simon Williams worked for Slade as the ‘pick up man’, signing for goods delivered, and for answering the telephone.

Sussex Police have a history of targeting the elderly. If it isn’t a case of criminals dressing up as Sussex Police officers (of which they can buy the uniform from the Sussex Police EBay shop,) and defrauding elderly victims on their door-steps, its a case of Sussex police targeting concerned pensioners, based on malicious allegations, lies and here-say.

John Hoath, has been convicted of sending emails, concerning serious police corruption.

David ‘Joe’ Neilson remains in hiding, too scared to return home because he fears he’ll be killed by Sussex police.

Michael Coughtrey has spent years trying to bring justice to his brother, who was accused of attacking a police officer with a 7″ knife. The police lied…

John Paterson is awaiting trial in Chelmsford prison, based on the lies of an alleged satanic cult leader.

Edward Ellis is being hounded for helping people find justice in the British courts.

On the 15 January 2015, Joe was attacked at his home at 318a SouthCoast Road, Peacehaven. Joe recalls, that if it wasn’t for me coming to his rescue, he would have been killed on his door-step.

Joe called for the police, who turned up within minutes, spent 15 minutes laughing and joking with Joe’s attackers, before eventually knocking on Joe’s door, and arresting both him and I for attacking them!

Prospective MP angry over arrest – The Argus dated 21 January 2015, written by Rachel Millard

This isn’t the first time Joe has been attacked at his home.



Joe battered & bruised

“I heard a noise at the back of my flat and thought I had left my caravan unlocked. Going out I found it was locked, but I unlocked it to see where the noise had come from. Just as I opened the door I heard a noise behind me, as I turned around I was struck in the right eye three times blinding me. He punched me to my body before falling into my caravan. I was I think semi conscious. The man said “that’s from Brotherton don’t waste your time calling the police”. I must have passed out.”


“I don’t know for how long I made it back in to my flat which I had left unlocked. Getting inside I collapsed on my bed, coming to around about 2 am. I had wet and crapped myself. I was in extreme pain and too frightened to call the Police. I did the best with my eye which was still bleeding then cleaned myself up taking pain killers and sleeping tablets I went back to bed.”

The new 1.8m high fence in question as pictured above, is the latest in a long line of incidents which abuse Mr. David Neilson’s human rights and further excludes and hides him from public life.
Against all planning permission and against his consent, a 1.8m high wooden fence was erected, for what can only be surmised, is to cover up the information of police corruption which Mr. David Neilson had put up on his property.

“Coming to later that day I found a cut on my back and both knees where cut, the sight in my eye was OK. Looking back I believe the blows to this eye were done to blind me. The man was hidden behind the new fence.”

Who is Brotherton?

Who are the ‘Dark Forces’ at work in Sussex? Who would attack a disabled old aged pensioner?

The usual suspects are either Sussex Police or contractors attached to Sussex Police. Joe alleges that Sussex Police are in the pocket of a crime-lord called Mark Slade, based in Hastings but now thought to be somewhere in Bulgaria.

Mark Slade operated a number of security companies which acted as a front for drug dealing, credit fraud, theft and a variety of other serious crimes. Alarm bells should have sounded when looking at the names he used for his companies. Names such as Grim Limited, Grab-It Limited, Pure Profit Limited, Deadly Limited And F.U. Bigot Limited.

His crimes were so unique Parliament had to change the Laws to stop him. An amendment to the Theft Act 1968, was made in 1996 to outlaw the offence of ‘Obtaining a money transfer by deception’. Essentially he seized property owned by other people, using legal means through British courts, by repossessing flats for non-payment of nominal ground rents – usually of only around £50. The legal owners were powerless to stop him and Mark Slade went on to amass a multi-million pound fortune by repeating his scam on thousands of victims.

The Guardian newspaper reported on this and can be read further here.

This is not the first time Joe has been attacked by members of Mark Slade’s gang. After the murder of Katrina Taylor, he was attacked in-side his flat, but bizarrely, Sussex Police arrested him instead of the thugs who attacked him. (As what happened again in 15 January 2015.) This sums up everything Joe has been through. This vicious attack is the latest in a long line of attacks and if it wasn’t for a higher power protecting him, (His Guardian Angel),  Joe would be dead now.

Let these words sink in; Joe is too scared to return home because he fears he’ll be killed by Sussex Police.

No wonder their current Chief Constable, Giles York, is standing down in shame.

Sussex Police in Elderly Abuse Scandal.

Why are Sussex Police targeting old aged pensioners?

John Hoath, has been convicted of sending emails!

David ‘Joe’ Neilson remains in hiding, too scared to return home because he fears he’ll be killed by Sussex police.

Michael Coughtrey has spent years trying to bring justice to his brother, who was accused of attacking a police officer with a 7″ knife. The police lied…

John Paterson is awaiting trial in Chelmsford prison, based on the lies of an alleged satanic cult leader.

Edward Ellis is being hounded for helping people find justice in the British courts.

Sussex Police erase Katrina Taylor’s Murder from History…

David Joe Neilson remains in hiding, too scared to return home in fear Sussex Police will kill him.

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Katrina Taylor Tarot Reading

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Mr. David Neilson, “Its a Trap.”

Sussex police have been warning the public to be alert to elderly abuse for many years, but who is coming to the rescue of OAP David Neilson, who finds himself too scared to return to his home in Peacehaven, fearing he will be killed by Sussex police?

With the BBC ‘In the Line of Duty’, attracting more viewers than any other TV program in 2019, the threat of police corruption is very real, and remains a clear and present danger to the residents of Sussex.

Fearing for his life, government organisations, including the Social Services, are alleged to be colluding to starve the scared and frightened OAP out of hiding and into their clutches.

As this letter dated the 9 July 2018, from Adult Social Care reveals;

“Please contact us on the number in this letter to discuss this matter. your Direct Payment account will remain closed to you until contact is made and a review undertaken.

Yours sincerely,
Christopher Jones
Social Worker”


The warning is stark: “if you’re not available for this interview your benefit payments will stop.”

Having fled his home in May 2015, following an attack against himself, at which, if I didn’t come to his rescue, he believes he would have been killed.

This is the same attack, that having called Sussex police for an emergency response, both Mr Neilson and myself, (while a independent parliamentary candidate for Brighon Kemptown at the time), were arrested for assaulting the very thugs who tried to kill Mr. Neilson.

Fury over arrest after election office attacked
Fury over arrest after election office attacked

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Mr. Neilson fled Sussex and has been too scared to return home, fearing that if he did, Sussex police would kill him.

Let that stink in….. A frightened, scared and abused OAP too scared to return to his home, at which he’s lived for the past 70 years, because he fears he’d be killed, by the very police force, tasked with serving and protecting him.


Stopping his pension payments, Social Services are starving him out of hiding.

God knows how Mr. Neilson is surviving?

Who can he turn to? He turned to his local MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle who replied in no uncertain terms that, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

READ MORE: Lloyd Russell- Moyle, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

Who can Mr. Neilson turn to in his hour of need?

He writes in his email to me, “It is a trap.”

“This is the hot one. They try to get me to go to Newhaven for interview.

They know I am an OAP and I claiming anything.

I googled and found this interview is for people claiming social payments, but I found people had gone to these interviews and were arrested.

They stopped my payments to starve me out.”

Who can David Neilson turn to for help, when he believes the very people tasked to protect him, are out to kill him?

This is not a JOKE. This is not FAKE NEWS.

A scared, frightened and petrified OAP is languishing somewhere is Britain, with no food, starving to death, denied his rightful pension, too scared to return home because he fears he will be killed.


The last time Mr. Neilson called for help, Sussex police arrested him instead of the attackers who nearly killed him.



Sussex Police are wide open to Organised Crime Blackmail and Extortion

New Evidence in the 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder

Celebrating 50 years of Sussex Police

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a personal opinion of a particular individual – “I’m furious with Sussex Police”

Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

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