Free innocent Lynda Thyer from a French prison

Lynda Thyer

The British teenager in the Cyprus rape case was being given a one year sentence; Dominic Raab followed it up and she is already back in England.

Lynda Thyer has been told she will spend two years in prison before trial and should expect a 10 year sentence for committing no crime. Will you please answer our emails and take Lynda’s case up?

The innocent Lynda Thyer has already spent six months in a French prison, Fleury-Mérogis. Its the largest prison in Europe built for 2,855 prisoners, it contains 4,500; French prisons are amongst the worst in the EU.

Lynda Thyer, a biomedical scientist under Professor Marco Ruggiero MD, was saving lives successfully in clinics in Switzerland and Guernsey. She never worked in France.

The MHRA and OCLAESP, who are controlled by the pharmaceutical corporations, are determined to stop her.

Although the MHRA admits Lynda is innocent, they contacted OCLAESP in France, and illegally asked them to issue a European Arrest Warrant for Lynda and her CEO.

In an abuse of the EAW, French Prosecutor/Judge Jean-Luc Gadaud invented 9 false charges against the CEO out of his own imagination, and then fraudulently photocopied them to Lynda Thyer, word for word. Their roles were entirely different. And neither did anything in France.

Judge Gadaud should serve 5 years in prison under the French penal code for this false witness.  Under the ECHR the judge has to be separate from the prosecutor precisely to avoid this sort of  corruption.  But France doesn’t obey the ECHR.

Judge Gadaud  committed perjury in the EAW stating Lynda’s bank balance was €11 million when it was €11 thousand, to get the EAW issued..

Three questionable English judges, Judge Rebecca Crane, Judge Sir Michael Supperstone, and Judge Michal Cox, forced Lynda to be extradited under a fatally flawed European Arrest Warrant, even though they knew she was innocent.

The full story is on, click Parliament Guilty; and see youtube, search “Teri Davis Newman”, and also search “Ian R Crane”

This is an abuse of the European Arrest Warrant, and an abuse of English and French law. Her case is in the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice to expose corruption in the courts.

Lynda Thyer has been in French prison for five months; she’s on hunger strike and has lost a stone.  She may not live much longer. Boris Jonson has been informed. and will be responsible in the event of her death. Female prisoners, many innocent, cry out at their mistreatment, cries of anguish and tears. Her address is Thyer Lynda  454951  MAF de Fleury Merogis Prison, 9 Ave des Peupliers, 91705 Saint Genevieve de Bois, France

Can you please free Lynda Thyer so she can go back to her passion, which is saving lives?

Best wishes

David Noakes

MTTV – Celebrating Lynda’s Release – 9 Dec 19

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