Hampstead Boyfriend slams Hampstead Heroine

Pensioner, 75, branded ‘Britain’s worst troll’ after claiming four mothers ‘drank babies’ blood’ in satanic cult moans about her ‘uncomfortable’ jail bed in prison magazine

Having asked the question whether Hampstead heroine Sabine McNeil, (an OAP labelled Britain’s Worst Troll by the national press,) was in fact Britain’s worst troll; Abe Christie, the boyfriend in the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare, has launched a scathing attack, which answers the question.

“Sabine is an agent of the State who betrays Innocent Mothers and their children by ‘leaking’ sensitive case documents ( as in the Hampstead Cover Up Case) then conspires with the Judiciary to imprison “difficult” mothers who won’t be quiet, for a crime which Sabine has committed on numerous occasions.”

Sentenced to a 9 year prison sentence in 2019 for stalking the Hampstead parents, named during the infamous P&Q children’s testimony, in which they alleged their father, Ricky Dearman, was a satanic cult leader; Sabine McNeil is viewed as a heroine by many and Britain’s worst troll by many more.

“Sabine is an agent of the State.”

Abe Christie continues, “This time her usual ploy backfired.. Ella had explicitly requested, on a number of occasions that nothing within the case file be published; as Ella was planning to release the children’s video testimonies with the children’s faces blurred and voices altered.”

While many people view Sabine McNeil as a Hampstead heroine, Abe Christie doesn’t mix his words in painting a very different picture.

“Sabine maliciously set out to sabotage the case.”

Summing up what many people feel about Sabine McNeill, Mags Gilhney on Facebook said the following, in response to a post by ex-police officer Jon Wagner:

“Wonderful woman and they should be passing her with gratitude for supporting and speaking out for children and parents desperate to be heard, and this is a woman hume has 💗 in her 💖 for children and families and I hope that this wonderful kind caring woman gets justice for all the children and families suffering from there families being torn apart by social services cps and the authorities covering up criminal inhumane suffering to innocent children and families all for money shame on them all 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 and I 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 God teaches them with his 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 for the sin,s they have Committed to others 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠”

Jo Lomax continues the praise with the statement;

“One of the bravest ladies I have met. She is always in my prayers.”

In a Youtube comment, Abe Christie lays bare his anger and frustration to the meddling of Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeil;

“Belinda apologized for her “headstrong” friend and Sabine admitted in a private email that she should have consulted Ella , but Sabine ‘Zippy’McNeil and Belinda ‘Bungles’ McKenzie were more concerned about the money they could fleece the unsuspecting public for, and what they could get hawking the case papers around to pedosodomites via their Star Mckenzie friend, pedosodomite associate Terrence Ewing. The leak of the children’s video testimonies has backfired and the case has gained international notoriety, thanks Sabine. Sabine is a loose cannon, and has been punished because of the damage the leak has caused.”

“Sabine is a loose cannon.”

Free the Hampstead 2 Sabine C.E.R.N McNeil is a child stealing witch; as is her ‘joined at the hip’ partner MI5 Masonic WITCH BELINDA MCKENZIE. D.I.D. we forget to mention STAR ⭐️ ‘McKenzie Friend’ #Pedosodomite associate TERRENCE EWING Sabine’s F A K E sentence was publicized to instill F E A R, so others would be deterred from discussing the #hampsteadcoverup. What do they F E A R ? 😄

In an exclusive for Mr.X Investigations, and published for the first time, are the actually emails exchanged between Ella Draper and Sabine McNeill, immediately following the discovery that Sabine McNeill had published her two children’s faces all over the internet.

According to Abe Christie, “This exchange shows clearly the difference between McKenzie “Friends” and the human being – the mother – they abused.”

On February 8th 2015, Ella emailed McNeill:

“Dear Sabine, Following yesterday’s meeting and discussion of your decision to post the videos and other material online and share this information with parties unknown to me after I explicitly asked you not do so on at least two separate occasions: during the Saturday meeting on 31.01.15 and also during private telephone conversation please be kind enough to return all my children’s case material, including all videos, documents. I much appreciate all the work and assistance you’ve provided for me so far and you are welcome to participate on the condition that you will consult with me and the group before making such decisions in the future. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Ella.”

McNeills reply:

“I sent a text, I telephoned and left a message and am nicely miffed now. I’ve spelled out to John Hemming with CC to Ella, once again, that I did NOT publish anything. I just blind copied one blogger in my email to Theresa May MP as a recipient of the petition. Victims are always their worst enemies after all… If Abraham wants to run the show, let him! Our “group” does not include him. Terry* says clearly that if there is no defence in, the case is lost, But you can say it’s lost no matter what… I’ve done as best as I could. Sorry it wasn’t good enough. S”

Still very much a story of public interest, evident by the 5 January 2020 Daily Mail article, this satanic tale of child sacrifice, rape, murder and cannibalism is set to continue, with the forthcoming court trials against Matthew Taylor, John Paterson and Angela Power-Disney, all currently either under investigation or awaiting trial for allegedly harassing and stalking the Hampstead dad, Ricky Dearman.

Pensioner, 75, branded ‘Britain’s worst troll’ after claiming four mothers ‘drank babies’ blood’ in satanic cult moans about her ‘uncomfortable’ jail bed in prison magazine


Mrs Justice Pauffley Court Order dated 19 March 2015


The following information has been published for the purposes of defending myself in the forth-coming Dearman v’s Taylor harassment case.

The evidence of Mrs Justice Pauffley’s 19 March 2015 public Court Order, is to be used as evidence in my defense.

The Daily Mail Newspaper Breaks Hampstead Court Order.

According to Sussex Police, journalist Lara Keay from the Daily Mail newspaper, has broken Mrs Pauffley Justices court order, dated 10 February 2015 , strictly forbidding the naming of the Hampstead parents, involved in the horrific Hampstead Satanic Ritual Sacrifice scandal of 2014.

Published on the Mailonline website, journalist Lara Keay wrote;

Ella Draper, 45, is believed to be in Spain having evaded arrest in February 2015 when she escaped from police via the back window of her Hampstead home.”

Sussex Police have been notified of the breach of the Court Injunction, and an arrest is likely, following the arrest of independent journalist, Matt Taylor, arrested of breaking the same court injunction, when he publicly named Ricky Dearman, the Hampstead dad, (accused of being a satanic cult leader by his own children.)

As this extract from Mrs Pauffley Justice court injunction states:

Dame Anna Evelyn Hamilton Pauffley DBE, styled The Hon. Mrs Justice Pauffley, was a judge of the High Court of England and Wales. until her retirement on the 1st of October 2017. She was educated at Godolphin School and the University of London. She was called to the bar at Middle Temple in 1979.

This order prohibits the publishing or broadcasting on any computer network, internet website, or any other form of social media:- (a) The name and address of:- i. The children; ii. The children’s parents…”

The Daily Mail aren’t the only one who has named the Hampstead mother!

Up and coming stand-up comedian Matt Taylor, is currently under investigation (for the second time within one year,) of allegedly harassing Ricky Dearman, the father at the centre of the 2014 Hampstead satanic scare, who is alleged to be a satanic cult leader by his own children.

Taylor was initially arrested by Sussex police for breaking the Court Injunction, of which the Daily Mail newspaper, has also broken.

Arrested on the 23 September 2019, during which all his computer equipment was seized, (preventing Taylor from earning a living as a freelance journalist,) Sussex Police have rebailed Taylor from 22 December 2019, until 18 February 2020. Where-after he will either be charged, released from investigation, or rebailed again!

Matt Taylor demands a Trial.



“I’m innocent.”



Social media gang stalking cover-up for paedophiles exposed

Featuring Hopegirl







Two Questions to Sussex Police

Sent on Friday 22/11/2019 at 07:58

Dear Sussex Police,

Please excuse me while I try and understand the events which led to my arrest for harassment on the 23 September 2019.

Is it common for Sussex police to open an investigation, into an allegation which was investigated within that year, but which found insufficient evidence to charge?

What I mean is – Ricky Dearman made a complaint against me for harassment and making a malicious video about him, in which I was arrested in October 2018, where after all my computer equipment was seized and detained for 9 months.

After the investigation no charges were brought, which in my view means I didn’t harass him and nor did I make a malicious video about him.

But yet, within a year, I’ve again been arrested for harassment following a complaint by the same person???

I simply don’t understand why Sussex police would conduct another arrest against me, when less than a year ago, Sussex police arrested me, and found I had no case to answer???

Do you understand what I’m saying?

If it was found I had no case to answer the last time I was alleged to have harassed this man, why have I been arrested again, when its likely I’ll again be found to have no case to answer?

Aren’t Sussex police wasting their own time and resources?

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Taylor

Sent on Friday 22/11/2019 at 08:19

Dear Sussex Police,

Please excuse me again for contacting you; I’m just trying to understand the events which led to my arrest on 23 September 2019 for harassment.

The arrest on 23 September 2019 was as an consequence of a charge that I broke a court judgement, which was handed to me by PC Lyons on the 9 February 2019, when while intoxicated at my home on a Saturday night with my sister, PC Lyons knocked on my door at 9 pm, waved around a court judgement by Mrs Justice Pauflley dated 10 February 2015, which forbid the naming of everyone involved in the horrific Hampstead satanic case, including the children, parents, teachers and others.

It just so happened that there was a second Mrs Justice Pauffley judgement dated 19 March 2015, which allowed the naming of the parents.

So of-course this leads to the obvious question, as to why Sussex police sent an officer round to my home, waving an out of date court judgement and insisting I adhere to it, on threat of arrest?

Do you get what I’m saying?

I don’t understand why Sussex police would do that? 

Sussex police is a professional operation, and must have known about the 19 March 2015 Mrs Justice Pauffley judgement which permitted the naming of the Hampstead parents, and must have known the 10 February 2015 judgement was null and void.

I wouldn’t bother you otherwise, but its serious because I’ve been arrested for allegedly breaking a null and void court judgement and as a result have had my computer equipment seized, depriving me of making a living as a freelance writer and journalist.

Christmas is coming and you are depriving me of earning money to buy my children their Christmas presents.

I look forward to answers to both of the questions I’ve asked today.

Many thanks,

Matthew Taylor

Null and void – 10 February 2015 Mrs Justice Pauffley judgement

Matthew Taylor

Extracts from the 19 March 2015 – Mrs Justice Pauffley judgement


Proof Ricky Dearman is NOT a “Protected Witness!”

Many thanks for your concern and I wish there were more people like you in society, you’ve taken an interest in the Hampstead case.

By notifying me of this judgement you have proved that Ricky Dearman and Sussex police were lying when they insisted Dearman was a ‘Protected Witness,’ who no-one was allowed to name.

You see the paper work PC Lyon threatened me with arrest on Saturday 9 February 2019 at 9 pm, was a court judgment dated 12 February 2015.

The Judgement by MRS JUSTICE PAUFFLEY, which you’ve sent me is dated 19 March 2015.

In the judgement dated 19 March 2015, (the final judgement on the matter and which makes all judgement’s void before it), it clearly states: “This judgment was delivered in public.

The judge has given leave for this version of the judgment to be published on condition that (irrespective of what is contained in the judgment) in any published version of the judgment the anonymity of the children is preserved. All persons, including representatives of the media, must ensure that this condition is strictly complied with. Failure to do so will be a contempt of court.

This judgment is being given in public and without anonymisation save as to the children’s names.”

It means the children are not allowed to be named, and only the children.

Judge Pauffley mentions Ricky Dearman’s name many times:

“These are care proceedings brought by the London Borough of Barnet relating to two children, P and Q who are 9 and 8 years old respectively. Their parents are Ella Draper and Ricky Dearman.”

According to Sussex Police and Ricky Dearman, Judge Pauffley must now be arrested for naming Ricky Dearman.

This proves there is a satanic sect within Sussex Police and I demand my iMac computer and Samsung 10 phone is returned immediately.

Plus £2 million damages.

Thanks Victoria, I couldn’t have solved this case without you.