“The Royal Family is probably the darkest family of them all on the planet,” – No Shit Sherlock!

“William is being groomed and prepared and I believe from what I have seen in the Taro, and from research from my own psychic gifts, an intuition, but he is actually the Antichrist. He is the false prophet.”

In an alarming and disturbing Youtube video posted by Nicolas Sherlock, extraordinary allegations have been made against the British Royal Family, accusing them of being “the darkest family [of the Illuminati Bloodline Families] of them all on the planet.”

A successful Youtube channel specializing in Tarot Reading, Sherlock Tarot boasts nearly 4,000 subscribers, who’s videos are watched many thousands of times.

Putting a disclaimer at the front of her latest video, ‘William Illuminati,’ Tarot reader Sherlock points out that when starting her Youtube channel, she never expected to be going into “such dark places.”

Sherlock said, “I’m not for everyone. I never expected when I started this channel that I was going to be going into such dark places. I had no idea and when I started the channel. I was a, I wouldn’t say I was a fan, but I loved the Royal Family as an English woman. Okay since doing these readings and doing other research and listening to comments from other people in the comment section, that are aware, I started to change my mind. The Tarot started to show me something that was not anything I ever expected to see.”

Having come to the same conclusion as controversial writer Chris Spivey, who finished his ground-breaking article ‘Monster’s Inc,’ with the sentence, “This family {The Windsors] is an abomination to our morals and to society as a whole. Think about that the next time you wave your little plastic Union Jack at her.”

Sherlock goes onto say, “My role is to find the truth in the darkness and to expose the darkness because when darkness is exposed it can be and it is brought into light, then healing as possible and that’s the reason why I do what I do now.”

Opening her eyes to the true crimes of the Windsor Royal Family and now realising why they are the most secretive family in the World, Sherlock is just the latest to acknowledge the immense evil, residing at the top of British life and society.



“The Royal Family is spinning us stories all the time and it’s deceptive, its deceitful and they’re gas-lighting us with all these stories that they put online. All these little shiny stories here to confuse us causing us this kind of strain.”

“We have a fight on this planet right now between the light and the dark forces. I don’t think the light forces fight, but the dark forces would fight against the light. Always just do your own research. Take what I say and if you believe it that’s fine, if you don’t believe it that’s also fine, but this this presence cannot be denied and it cannot be understated.”

Accused of being a ‘Royal Troll’, Sherlock is a well known Youtube tarot reader, specializing in tarot readings based on the Royal Family, predominating focusing on Harry and Meghan.

Deflecting the predicable criticism which she will inevitably get, Sherlock counters;

“I don’t do this as an intent to spread evil or to be hatred hateful to anybody, that is not my intention. I actually wish the Royal family were decent human beings. I wish I didn’t have to see this stuff I really do, because this has popped a massive bubble of illusion for me.”

“I’m sorry to say it but the royal family is probably the darkest family of them all on the planet based from what I’ve been reading and what I see.”

The Happy Couple – William and Katherine

The perfect couple and the nation’s favourite son, Sherlock shatters the illusion built up around Prince William since the day he was born.

Accusing them of being “chained to the Devil”, and having “sold their souls to the Monarchy,” Sherlock launches a scathing attack on the nation’s future King and Queen.

“You cannot, you cannot separate the fact that Kate and William are also chained to the Devil, and the Devil is the Monarchy. So they have sold their souls to the Monarchy. They have pledged their allegiance to a force that is evil. that’s all I can say. That’s not an accusation, that is truth as I see it.”

“The Devil is the Monarchy.”

Painting a picture of the Royal Family which is a million miles away from the general public’s opinion, Sherlock finishes her video with the advice that we should, “do some research,” and to use Duck Duck Go,” rather than “Google.”

“The Royal family are globalists, so if you don’t know much about the global agenda the New World Order, I recommend that you don’t go on to Google, go on to Duck Duck Go, and do some research.”

 “Christ will come back to Earth during Williams reign.”

William is being groomed and prepared and I believe from what I have seen in the Tarot, and from research from my own psychic gifts, an intuition, but he is actually the Antichrist. He is the false prophet.”








The Meghan Markle Conspiracy Theory

Guest Writer – Dan Spearman – Sourced from HVY.com

Royalty Free LNOF

Have you heard the one about the Meghan Markle conspiracy theory?

In a world of terrorism, cyber-bullying, harassment and stalking, the bounds of human depravity knows no end.

Take for example the most recent and grievous stories on the Alternative Media, claiming Meghan Markle’s baby is nothing more a prosthetic dummy.

The serious constitutional questions arising in the likelihood of our most beloved and longest reigning Monarch, posing before the nation with a doll, is profoundly mind-blowing.

So here for your information and entertainment, are the most recent conspiracy theories about Meghan Markle.

Number One – She Faked her Pregnancy

Leading the charge that Meghan Markle faked her pregnancy, is an American woman called ‘Ashley’, who runs a YouTube channel called ‘DanjA zonE,’ with over 33,500 subscribers.

“Hey you guys, welcome to the DanjA zonE, its Ashley, lots of love and many blessings coming your way.”

Urging everybody to do their own research, DanjA zonE attracts hundreds of thousands of hits, ridiculing Meghan Markle’s pregnancy from its early days.

Claiming everything in her videos were found on a public domain, Ashley was one of the first royal commentators to accuse Meghan of wearing a prosthetic bump.

DanjA zonE has published over 200 videos calling into question the truth about Meghan’s pregnancy.

Number Two – There are no signatures on the Birth Announcement

Traditional to include the doctor’s and a witness signature on any royal announcement of birth; this never happened with the announcement of baby Archie, and has only put more fuel to the fire of the conspiracy bonfire..

The omission of the traditional signature, has caused uproar across the conspiracy community,  validating their claim, that no one wants to be associated with this insidious fake pregnancy being perpetrated against the world.

Number Three – The First Official Picture of Baby Archie meeting the Queen was Photoshopped

Leading this particular conspiracy is Chris Spivey, a well-known conspiracy theorist and leading critic of the Royal family, who contends the single picture presented to the world of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II meeting baby Archie, with Meghan and Harry, is photoshopped. He points out a number of inconsistencies, including the misalignment of the picture frame in the background.

Number Four – The Surrogate Mother wants more

The surrogate mother who carried baby Archie, wants more money. The deal has changed and the surrogate mother, (spotted waiting outside Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day Service in March 2019,) wants more for the final exchange and is the reason why the baby hasn’t been handed over.

Posed to bring down the Windsor Royal Family, this demonstrates starkly, the perilous position the Windsor Royal Family now find themselves in.

Number Five – Meghan Markle is a fictional character

According to Chris Spivey, the leading conspiracy theorist in Romford, Essex, Meghan Markle is a fictional character created by MI5 for their own nefarious and secret needs.

Chris Spivey has written a book about this called ‘Meghan Markle Exposed,’ which is available in print and eBook from amazon.co.uk.

Number Six – Meghan named her baby Archie in spite of Princess Kate

While it’s public knowledge that the third-in-line to the British Royal Throne, Prince George’s nickname within the royal family is Archie. Insidious conspiracy theorists are cruelly claiming Meghan Markle called her baby ‘Archie’, to spite Princess Kate and her first-born child.

Number Seven –  Prince William and Princess Kate are keeping their distance from the fake baby Archie

Conspiracy theorists claim the reason why Prince William and Kate haven’t met baby Archie, is because they don’t want to be associated with the fake pregnancy scandal, which (they believe) is about to soon break in the mainstream media.

Number Eight – Prince Charles and Princess Camilla haven’t met baby Sussex too

The same seems appear for Grandparents Prince Charles and Camilla. It’s alleged that the reason the closest family members of the Windsor Royal family haven’t met baby Archie, is because baby Archie isn’t real and furthermore, they don’t want to be associated with a scandal, which they believe is about to become common knowledge across the world.

Number Nine – Harry’s Awkward Interview

Harry’s awkward interview, where he addressed the world following his son’s birth; coming across as over excited, distracted, incoherent, and laughing nervously throughout.

Number Ten – The Kensington Palace Tweet

At 3:02 a.m. on the 6th of May, the Kensington Palace Twitter account posted a public announcement stating the “Duke and Duchess of Sussex used the services of a surrogate. We apologise for any misunderstanding.” Conspiracy theorists say this is the final proof that proves Meghan Markle faked her pregnancy.

And one for Luck – Where did Meghan’s Mother, Doria Ragland come from?

Living in a digital world in which every moment in time and history, is likely to be recorded on a mobile phone camera, conspiracy theorists point out the lack of footage, of Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, coming into the country and making her way to the heart of the British royal family.

Adding weight to Chris Spivey’s claim that the one and only photo of baby Archie meeting his family is a fake; the lack of evidence of Doria’s arrival into Britain, simply adds further circumstantial evidence, that the conspiracy theorists are right, and that everything we know to be true, is nothing but a lie, to keep us all subdued, and compliant to a New World Order insidious agenda, of reducing the world’s population to a more manageable number of 500,000,000.

Long Live the Windsor Royal Family

In a world where it’s hard enough trying to differentiate between facts and lies, conspiracy theorists don’t make it easy.

Do conspiracy theorists really expect the average person in the street to believe that our royal family would lie so blatantly before our very eyes?  Would conspiracy theorists expect us to believe that the country’s longest reigning monarch would participate in such blatant and insidious play acting before the nation?

Who’s crazy here, the conspiracy theorists for entertaining such crazy notions that the royal family would intentionally lie to the nation on such an immense scale; or the Royal family, to continually endure such ridiculous speculation, from a population, who are meant to be educated and sane enough to know the difference between fact and fantasy?

Isn’t it time to bring back the Queen’s Royal Right, to chop of the heads, of anyone who commits treason against her royal realm.

In this day and age of slander, libel and malicious communications, there is certainly nothing more treasonous, than accusing the Windsor Royal family of presenting a fake baby to the world.

Heads will roll…

Meghan Markle – Faking It.