Robert Frith was Murdered…

A shocking claim has been made by Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor Jeanette Archer, that Robert Frith, (a 65 year old man arrested alongside SRA crusader Wilfred Wong and five others, for allegedly kidnapping an eight-year-old child), was murdered in Berwyn Prison, having been found hanging in his prison cell.


New Details Emerge in the Wilfred Wong Kidnap/Rescue Story.

:Andrew :Devine & Angela Power-Disney

Citizen journalists :Andrew :Devine and Angela Power-Disney have shed new light on the developing Wilfred Wong kidnap/rescue story.

A close friend to the German mother of the child at the centre of this story, it’s been revealed that the father is alleged to have committed sexual acts upon the child,( together which other men), which ultimately lead to the child being taken into foster care and a police investigation started.

 A veterinarian by trade, the mother was said to have fallen in love with the unnamed father and had a child. It’s alleged the father turned out to be “not so good,” and consequently the marriage fell apart.

In a detailed email sent to :Andre :Devine, the father was said to have maintained regular contact with the child, but over time the child became more and more withdrawn, until one day he said he didn’t want to see him anymore.

“Uncomfortable and embarrassed,” the child disclosed the alleged sexual abuse he received from his father and other unnamed men.


SRA Wilfred Wong – It was a ‘Rescue’ not a ‘Kidnap’!

New information has come to light in regards to ex-Barrister and SRA crusader Wilfred Wong.

Reported in the mainstream media as a child kidnapping at knife-point, SRA survivor Jeanette Archer has provided new information, claiming a ‘rescue, rather than a ‘kidnapping’.

Jeanette Archer

During a Facebook live she said, “The facts so far. Wilfred rescued a child from a satanic cult. With the child’s mother. The mother was in the car.”


Is David ‘Joe’ Neilson in Danger?

Breaking News: HELP URGENT David Neilson Under Attack

David Neilson, whistle-blower in the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder cover-up, has called for help following a visit by five MI5 operatives to his Portuguese hideaway.

Hiding for the last 5 years in Portugal, David Neilson says he’s been dragged to hospital, into a room of two men wearing COV-19 protective clothing.

More news as we hear more…….

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