Lloyd Russell-Moyle named in Murder Cover-up

Mr. David Neilson says that Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP is covering up for the killers of Katrina Taylor and major corruption within Sussex Police.

Mr. David Neilson asks the question, “Who is telling him to cover up a murder and all the crimes related to Marcel Sulc aka Mark Slade plus Lewes District council Corruption linked to Sussex Police Corruption?”

What has he to hide?

Members of Pavilion Labour are actively campaigning to expose Sussex Police Corruption concerning the murder of Jay Abatan 20 year cover up by Sussex Police.

But yet do nothing for Katrina Taylor. Where is the justice for Katrina Taylor?

Bad Boy Lloyd Russell-Moyle


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, “Conspiracy Rubbish”

Lloyd Russell- Moyle, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP named in Elderly Abuse Scandal

Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

Collusion to Corrupt the Course of Democracy Confirmed in Brighton Kemptown 2017 General Election

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Lloyd Russell- Moyle, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

David Neilson says, Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle refuses to help an elderly victim of police corruption pursue any action against Sussex Police.

Attacked on the 15 January 2015, at my election office at 318 Southcoast Road in Peacehaven, Sussex Police turned a blind eye to daily harassment and intimidation which sabotaged my Brighton Kemptown 2015 General Election Campaign.

Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP named in Elderly Abuse Scandal

David Joe Neilson remains in hiding too scared to return to his home; and Lloyd Russell-Moyle refuses to do anything about it.


Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP named in Elderly Abuse Scandal

“Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP Elder Disabled Abuse

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP involved and working with Keith Hinkley in covering up Organized, Orchestrated Elderly & Disabled Abuse of his constituent David Neilson South Coast Road Peacehaven BN10 7EL (who is now homeless this man is a Fibromyalgia suffer is very ill and needs medical care) 
Mr. Neilson is a long term victim of abuse intimidation harassment threats assaults “and he has have to leave his home of over 40 years He is the member of the public who solved the murder of Katrina Taylor

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP knows this and is covering up for the Killers of Katrina Taylor. He will not meet the family or hold a public meeting so he can be questioned as to why he is covering up the murder and Sussex Police involvement in the cover up. Plus the attempted murder of David Neilson.”


Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

The luckiest and most unluckiest MP in Parliament, bad-boy Lloyd Russell-Moyles stands accused by 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder witness, David Neilson, to be actively covering up the elderly abuse being inflicted upon him by Sussex Police, since he uncovered an organised crime syndicate operating from within Sussex police, lead by Crime Lord Mark Slade, aka Marcel Sulc.

New Evidence in the 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder

The luckiest MP in Parliament because his Brighton Kemptown constituency was given to him free on a plate, when in 2017 both the UKIP and Green Parties conspired with the Labour Party to not field candidates, effectively guaranteeing whatever candidate chosen, would win the election. Lloyd Russell-Moyle was lucky enough to be that candidate. He confesses to not have known about the secret deal between Labour and the Green Party, even before he was selected.

The unluckiest MP in Parliament because he’s HIV Positive.

The Bad-Boy of Parliament because he famously stole Parliament’s mace, to which Sir Andrew Bowden called it “a cheap political stunt,” while the person who runs this website http://is-a-cunt.com, called him a “cunt.”