Matt Taylor TV (MTTV) – Thursday 23 April 2020.

On Today’s show we discuss:

What it means to be scrutinised in the Truth Community.

The Jeff Wayne story, taken from Taylor’s True Life Story Collection.

Serena Williams blanking Meghan Markle.

John Wanoa’s Aqa Energy Steam Investment Opportunity.

Breaking News – Edward Ellis on dialysis machine.

MTTV – 6 March 2020 Show

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MTTV – Celebrating Lynda’s Release – 9 Dec 19

And remembering those still imprisoned and persecuted for crimes they did not commit…

David Noakes

Carol Woods

John Paterson

Nathan Stather

Darren Roberts

Adam Mustafa

Eric Heaps and his family

John Wanoa

John Hoath

and many more…