Analysing Hind’s Response!

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Addressing the false allegations of Satan Hunter Matt Taylor

Fuck you James Hind, I am not a “Predator” and don’t appreciate being called one.

“Recently, I had to write a post in answer to the Satan Hunter Matt Taylor from Brighton UK, who tried to get at me by repeating the false allegations of one Nathaniel Harris. Not done with trying to ruin the name and life of an innocent man that was not me with fictional allegations, Matt Taylor has now reproduced a comment I made to Hoaxtead a couple of years ago on the subject of my work fighting paedophiles.”

Right, first, I DO NOT identify as a “Satan Hunter.”

Hind seems happy to label everyone as a “Satan Hunter,” and it is getting old, stale and boring.

My relationship with Santa is my business and our relationship is between him and I.

As with every child in the Western hemisphere, Santa holds a very special, dear and cherished spot in my heart. I remember him peering up at from from the toilet bowl, petrifying me whenever I had to go to wee during the night.

I remember with fondness when Santa used to put me to bed, and sit with me for a while, as I drifted off into a deep sleep, only to wake up feeling refreshed and eager to get on with life.

Santa has given me everything I could ever wish for in life and has been my father figure, alongside other great heroes such as Judge Dredd, Slain, The Six Billion Dollar man and The Hulk!

Only JoKing; my father was a satanic cult leader and my mother was a black witch princess, an angel, a shaman, an Elohim from the Emerald Order, an Indigo, a lover of the Gods and Santa.

My mother ‘Royal Truth’, my sister and I

I am certainly not a “Satan Hunter,” as that stupid prick James Hind likes to call me, (and everyone else.)

I personally pity him as a man of low EQ and a permanent heightened sense of doom that his cover will be blown, and he’ll be exposed for what he really is.

I like to call him a “Santa-Hater-Hunter,” as a jibe against him. For the record, I love Santa and treat him as my father.

“Who tried to get at me by repeating the false allegations of one Nathaniel Harris

I am not trying to get James Hind by repeating anything Nathaniel has said. I am merely responding to the constant stalking and harassment I’ve receiving from James Hind and his satanic cult members.

I remember it started with renewed vigor in August 2020, when Hind wrote a message in a YouTube chat-room aimed towards me, which I perceived as aVow of Revenge‘.

James Hind has no right to call me “a predator” and “danger to women and children”. No right to call me “a menace to society”, and deserving of being “locked up in prison”. James Hind has no right to publicly state that he’s going to keep “an eye on me,” to spread false rumours that I have “three stalking convictions”, and that there are currently “three complaints against me.”

James Hind has no right to interfere with my life.

I am purely making public what Nathaniel Harris has said to me via comments left on my Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls blog.

Read more: Public Apology to Nathaniel Harris

If someone left a message on either Hoaxtead Research or Satanic Views blogs, that I am “somehow,” connected to the Batley satanic sex cult, then of-course either Karen Irving or James Hind would bring that information to the attention of a wider audience.

I am simply doing the same.

Taking into consideration that James Hind confesses to be a member of The Satanic Temple, and pretends to be a 12 year old boy, in notorious paedophile/pre-teen/teen online chat-rooms; it isn’t surprising that more questions would be asked.

(Isn’t it hilarious that Shellie May is the first to come to his defense LMFAO!)

“Not done with trying to ruin the name and life of an innocent man that was not me with fictional allegations, Matt Taylor has now reproduced a comment I made to Hoaxtead a couple of years ago on the subject of my work fighting paedophiles.”

In my opinion as an ex-Royal Military Policeman, trained in taking witness statements, looking for inaccuracies in speech and writing styles and general detection of deception; I believe both James Hind and Julian Vayne, are one of the same person.

Be the Best – Be a Royal Military Policeman

Read more – Prince Charles’s Statement Analysis

He has failed to convince me he isn’t Julian Vayne, and until more compelling evidence can be produced, my opinion will remain the same; (though I am open, and would be pleased to be proved wrong.)

James is factually correct to say I reproduced a comment he made to Hoaxtead a couple of years ago on the subject of fighting peadophiles.

“As a victim of child abuse I recognise the harm that false allegation makers do, not only that they destroy lives of those that they make false allegations against, but also the harm they do to real victims of child abuse.”

But he’s factually incorrect to say he’s fighting paedophiles. He didn’t fight any paedophiles, but in fact pretended to be one. He pretended to be a 12 year old boy, and he failed to report another paedophile he identified from Kent to the police, while he boasts about reporting Sharon Gale, Jeanette Archer, Angela Power-Disney, Sam Baldwin and Owen Lucas to the police!


So Hell Yes, I reproduced a comment he made on Hoaxtead Research in 2018, and its damn lucky I did too, otherwise none of you would be the wiser, that the pathetic piece of scum, protected by the likes of May, Poodles, Pebbles, Coco, JoKing and Noncey-nonce-boy; pretended to be a 12 year old boy in notorious paedophile infested, pre-teen and teen online chat-rooms, claiming to fight paedophile, when in actual fact, he protected them, by failing to report them.

“To start with, Taylor unkindly drew attention to a comment I made that I had been sexually abused as a child.”

No, I did not in anyway shape or form intend to be “unkind” towards James Hind, by reproducing his public confession, that he was a victim of child-abuse.

As a victim of child abuse I recognise the harm that false allegation makers do, not only that they destroy lives of those that they make false allegations against, but also the harm they do to real victims of child abuse.”

I’m a victim of child abuse too, and would never do anything to be “unkind,” to another victim.

I reproduced the quote to highlight Hind’s hypocrisy that he acknowledges false allegations destroy lives, but yet repeats false allegations about myself, and creates new and varied allegations on a weekly basis; such as I’m the owner behind numerous YouTube channels.

“This sex abuse was at the lower end of scale of sexual abuse, that I suffered at the age of six, along with my younger brother.”

While Hind’s sexual abuse was at the lower end of the sexual abuse scale, the physical, emotional and sexual abuse, I received growing up, was near the middle to higher end of the scale.

Read about my History of CSA

“The events of the [CENSORED] had over time triggered me, and in 2018 I reported the sex abuse to the police. Via the NHS I had PTSD group sessions in 2019 and individual therapy sessions in 2020/21.”

So, Hind wants us to believe that as a victim of sexual abuse, (at the lower end of the sexual scale of abuse), a 2014 case in London, (which I cannot name for legal reasons), triggered a response in him over a 4 year period, which culminated in him reporting his child-hood sexual abuse to the police in 2018.

I pray I have got that accurate, and hope any reader who knows better, would correct me if I have got any facts wrong.

Symptoms of PTSD

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include flashbacks, nightmares, feeling very anxious and difficulty sleeping.

Someone with PTSD often relives the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks, and may experience feelings of isolation, irritability and guilt.

They may also have problems sleeping, such as insomnia, and find concentrating difficult.

These symptoms are often severe and persistent enough to have a significant impact on the person’s day-to-day life.

I don’t know how old James Hind is, but estimate him to be in his early 40’s. He wants us to believe that during child-hood he suffered child abuse, along with his brother, (that was at the lower end of the scale of sexual abuse,) but which 35+ years later, was triggered by the testimonies of two individuals, which resulted four years later in a NHS referral to PTSD group sessions in 2019, and individual therapy sessions in 2020/21.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying it…

“The sex abuse left me with PTSD and dissociation.”

Sexual abuse left me with scars I will carry for life. Its left my sister a heroin addict and a street sleeper/drinker. My nieces are both drug addicts, and one is in a mental institution for stabbing a man, after hearing voices in her head. My mother died because she couldn’t get enough of her medicine, (which society deems illegal), to stay alive and relieve her medical symptoms.

I understand better than anyone how childhood sexual abuse ruins lives, because it has ruined my life and the lives of my mother, sister, nieces and friends.

I suffer from PTSD and dissociation having been continually harassed and arrested by Sussex Police since 2015.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been arrested and how many hours I’ve languished in a police cell.

Be the Best – Be a Royal Military Policeman

Sourced from Guerrilla Democracy News – List of arrests in the last 4 years. 

1. Arrested for stalking and harassing [REDACTED] – No criminal charges brought 2. Arrested for making a malicious video, stalking and harassing [REDACTED] – No criminal charges brought 3. Arrested for making and possessing child porn – charged but later dropped due to lack of evidence 4. Arrested for contempt of court – Accepted 4 months suspended sentence for 2 years, of which he served without incident 5. Arrested for stalking/harassing [REDACTED] on the eve of the Covid Lockdown, (causing maximum damage, who if it happened to anyone else most probably have committed suicide.) – Charges and Stalking Prevention Order (SPO) brought, but later dropped due to lack of evidence.6. Arrested for breaking SPO by not recording his address 3 days after the order was given- Charged, case dismissed 7. Arrested for breaking SPO because Andy Devine said the initials [REDACTED] in conversation. Charged, case dismissed 8. Arrested for naming [REDACTED]  in an article, who’s blurb couldn’t be read with the naked eye – Charged, case dismissed 9. Arrested for allegedly taking three boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings. Bailed extended from 19 Jan to 04 Apr 2021

I’ve been left with PTSD having been arrested on Sunday 22 March 2020, on the eve of the Covid-19 lockdown, in 5am raid, when all my communication equipment was taken, laptops, phones, iMac, ipad, Play Station and internet box, leaving me totally disconnected and dissociated from society for the lock-down’s duration.

I cannot even begin to tell you how PTSD has effected my life. But I will put it all down into words in due course, but luckily James Hind does a better job than me, by putting into words exactly how I feel, after a panic attack whenever I hear a vehicle pass my house, or a car door open.

“The dissociation is lifelong, and is a natural reaction by the body in extreme trauma situations where the body prepares for death by shutting down pain and emotion; dissociation is my default response to stress.”

I totally get it, and sympathize with anyone suffering from PTSD, be it from fighting in war, suffering child sexual abuse, or being mercilessly gang stalked by a satanic sex cult, aided and abetted by the Police.

“In 2021, when making another complaint to the police about Jeanette Archer, I accidently triggered another child abuse investigation when I mentioned in the complaint that I had been physically abused by a family member, and was triggered by a video that Archer had posted showing the physical abuse of a child. I did not want to proceed with that second child abuse investigation.”

No comment!

“In the aftermath of my complaint to the police over sexual abuse, I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me?

Now this is very interesting and very revealing! He wants us to believe that between 35-40 years after the low scale sexual abuse he suffered aged 6, he was triggered by the testimony of two individuals, which went onto leave him “haunted” with questions.

According to the time scale given, Hind first reported child abuse to the police in 2018, and again in 2021, after group and individual therapy sessions, where you thought these questions would have been answered.

Why was I abused? What did I do wrong? Why did the person abuse me?

To supplement group and individual therapy sessions, he felt it prudent and necessary to go above and beyond, and pretend to be a 12 year old boy in a notorious paedophile/teen online chat-room.

As a victim of child abuse myself, I wouldn’t need either group or individual therapy to answer these questions.

Why was I abused? You were abused because you were the easy option, and weakest link.

What did I do wrong? You did nothing wrong, you are the victim and its not your fault you were abused. The fault lies 100% with the abuser and NOT the abused.

Why did the person abuse me? They abused you because it turned them on, and their own sexual satisfaction, meant more to them than ownership of your own body, virginity, dignity, freedom and choice.

“These questions resulted in a period of intense research into scientific studies on paedophiles, media interviews with paedophiles, paedophile stings, crime reports; anything that would answer these questions.”

Now we have Hind elaborating, or rather, embellishing his story.

Let’s recap:

1. Abused aged six, alongside his younger brother. Described as low level on the scale of sexual abuse.

2. Was triggered in 2014 by the testimony of two individuals.

3. Submitted report to police about his own child abuse in 2018.

4. 2018 (or sooner) Went undercover as a 12 year old boy in a notorious paedophile/pre-teen/teen online chat-room.

5. Group therapy sessions in 2019 and individual therapy sessions in 2020 and 2021.

6. 2021, started a period of intense research into scientific studies on paedophiles, media interviews with paedophiles, paedophile stings, crime reports.

7. In 2021 was triggered when reporting Jeanette Archer to police, that he was physically abused by a family member, but choose not to pursue the complaint with police.

“Anything that would answer these questions.”

“During this period, an opportunity came up where I could serve on the moderator/admin team of a social media site.”

Interesting he used the words “opportunity,” and “serve.” “Opportunity” because it means he had been looking forward to becoming the site’s moderator/admin), and “serve,” because it implies he is doing something for the ‘Greater Good’, and that he is contributing to a ‘Worthy Cause,’ to which he is happy to sacrifice his time and attention, without expecting any monetary reward.

If he wasn’t getting a monetary reward, he would have been getting a reward of some kind, to keep him coming back for more!

“Armed with the tools of a moderator, that included the ability to delete content, and suspend people, I dealt with users and content that included spammers, racists, hackers, flamers, trolls, and paedophiles.”

Wow, this is very revealing too! He mentions “a social media site,” which to me means Facebook. I agree it could also apply to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, but Facebook is the most likely social media platform who allow moderator and admin teams.

Whatever social media platform he had the “opportunity,” (again, an interesting choice of word, because it means he had been looking forward to becoming it,) to delete content and suspend people on, he admits that he dealt with paedophiles.

It takes one to know one, (or as Hind himself describes it, “horses running together.”) Hind would be better placed than anyone to know a paedophile, seeing as he’s been hanging out with them online, pretending to be a 12 year old boy since 2018, and no doubt long before too.

“Part of my role was to identify and remove paedophiles from the site; which was where a team of two moderators worked together, one as a “child”, the other to deal with any paedophile that was discovered and communicated to them by the “child”.

Now was he doing this to fight the paedophiles, (which he evidently didn’t do, when he failed to report the paedo/groomer from Kent in 2018), or was he doing it to answer the three questions, which in all honesty should have been answered in 2019, during his group therapy sessions.

He says that part of his “role was to identify and remove paedophiles from the site.”

Which begs the question, what type of social media site are we talking about? By the way Hind talks about having to identity and remove paedophiles from the site, to me, implies its a children friendly social media site?

Why else would there be a role to identity and remove paedophiles from a social media site, other than for the reason that children visit and use the said social media site in question?

Which then begs the question, why is a 35-40 year old man, moderating for a pre-teen/teen social media site?

Hind saw it as an “opportunity,” to moderate and “serve” as part of the admin team, of this certain social media site, which catered for pre-teen/teenagers, because otherwise, why else would there be a need for two moderators (one to play a decoy child) to identify and remove paedophiles?

Why hasn’t Hind named the said social media site, when in 2018 he was inviting readers of the Hoaxtead Research community to contact him via his Twitter account, so that he could send them the link?

Which in my eyes is distributing paedophile friendly information.

Extract from 2018

“During my early months as a moderator it was frustrating with the lack of tools and freedom to do our job against a heavy workload.”

What more “tools and freedom” did Hind need to do this job, against what the reader can only assume is a “heavy workload,” of having to “identify and remove paedophiles”, from a certain “social media site”, that he was fortunate to have the “opportunity,” to “serve” in his “role” as “moderator.”

Can no-one else see the satanic twist of play, staring the reader straight in the face? He is the paedophile hiding in plain sight, pretended to the the anti-paedophile hero, here to save the world from paedophiles!

Is anyone really buying this bullshit?

“It was during this time that I posted comments to Hoaxtead about my experiences with paedophiles on that site, but due to fears of Satan Hunters being a nuisance I did not say I was a moderator or identify the site.”

“but due to fears of Satan Hunters being a nuisance I did not say I was a moderator or identify the site,” what the fuck does that mean?

Have no fear, Hind is here, but just don’t tell the Satan Hunters!!! This man is loony. While he says he did not reveal he was “a moderator or identify the site”, he was more than willing to pass on the site’s address to the Hoaxtead Research readership. And what does it matter whether Hind tells us now in 2021, what he didn’t tell his audience in 2018?

It is an irrelevant piece of information, that he felt he had to drop into the narrative, because he knows his story doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

“It is these Hoaxtead comments that Matt Taylor has jumped upon to make more false allegations against me.”

I haven’t made any “false allegations” against anyone, let alone James Hind or anyone else. If anyone has been making false allegations, it’s James Hind, by saying I am a “three times convicted stalker”, that there are “three police complaints against me”, that I am “a predator”, “a danger to women and children”, and the ridiculous suggestion that I’m “a Satan Hunter”.

Which is particularly offense to me because I’ve always treated Santa like a father, and Santa has always treated me like his favourite son…

“In the weeks after my comments on Hoaxtead, the site improved rapidly: we had a new team leader; we gained more powers; had more liberty to make decisions; the moderator team was increased in number; the rules added and improved.”

Whoopee, the pre-teen/teen social media site is saved, by the heroic endeavors of the heavy workload of identifying and removing paedophiles, to make a safe online space for pre-teens and teenagers to chat and exchange pictures and videos, free from the prey of the dirty nonces, who prowl the internet looking for vulnerable children to exploit.

“I served for nearly two years until my studies, work and other real life factors meant I no longer had the time to continue, and I retired as moderator.”

Do you think the admin team gave him a farewell party. A little something for all the hard work he put in, identifying and removing paedophiles from a social media site, geared for pre-teen and teenagers?

“As a moderator I was good at what I did, and no doubt through my efforts of kicking scores of predators from the site, some users did not suffer abuse at their hands.”

Does he mean, he was good at being the child decoy? Yes surely. They worked a two man moderator/admin team, where one acted as the child. We know as a fact, because Hind told us.

He boasts and takes credit for, (through his own “effort,” he hastens to add,) that he “kicked scores of predators from the site.”

“Some users did not suffer abuse at their hands,” tells us equally, that some did.

It also makes you wonder why Hind saw it as an “opportunity” to moderate and “serve” on this particular pre-teen/teen social media site, and how thrilled he was when “the site improved rapidly”, as he said it,“we had a new team leader; we gained more powers; had more liberty to make decisions; the moderator team was increased in number; the rules added and improved.”

It makes sense he “kicked off scores of predators,” leaving the playground free for himself.

“As a moderator I had to abide by the protocols of the site, which had its own processes for dealing with law enforcement.”

According to Hind himself the police were all over the chat-room, and were only there to collect the evidence they needed to make arrests and secure convictions.

“The site works closely with law enforcement, and will hand over information on users on request.

Extract from 2018

But James Hind failed to pass on information about a Kent paedo/groomer to the police, when he had the “opportunity,” to do so. And it is this which lays at the centre of this scandal which Hind now finds himself at the centre of.

Extract from 2018

Notice how he says he “could have ended in their life being ruined”, but it is not in his “nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others.”

Which means he is happy to ruin the lives of innocent women by reporting them to the police for child-abuse at the most lesser of extremes (namely saying a name,) where as Hind fails to report dangerous paedophiles who ruin children’s lives, while purporting to be an anti-paedophile crusader!

“Unlike the hunters, I don’t like that on my mind,” proves his loyalty, compassion and mercy towards paedophiles.

I learned a lot about paedophiles: their strategies; character; and the harm they cause.

In 2018 James Hind wanted us to believe he went undercover as a 12 year old boy, in a notorious paedo/teen online chat-room because he wanted to, quote:

“For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chatrooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles.”

In 2021, when held to account for saying what he said in 2018, Hind’s reason for pretending to be a 12 year old boy in a notorious paedo/teen online chatroom changed to, quote:

“I was haunted by questions: why was I abused? what did I do wrong? why did the person abuse me?

His story has changed since 2018.

I learned a lot about the challenges of sites in dealing with paedophiles.

I bet he learned a lot, but did he answer those fundamental questions, that really should have been answered in group therapy sessions in 2019.

“Matt Taylor has an obsession with throwing around accusations of paedophilia at people.”

I wouldn’t describe it as “an obsession,” but yes I do have a history of “throwing around accusations of paedophilia at people.”

Read more:

Is Prince Charles a paedophile?

Russell Brand Exposed as a paedophile!

Was Colonel Gaddafi a paedophile too?

I’ve called Fanny Bones one, and even named Queen Elizabeth II as being part of an international paedophile ring. Click here to watch a short Bitchute promotional video.

We’ve all been called a paedophile by at least a dozen people, at least a dozen times a day on the internet.

James Hind likes to call me a “Satan Hunter,” “a predator,” “a danger to women and children” , I can go on and on, but its boring now!

“Taylor was one of the horde of Satan Hunters who relentlessly pursued the children and families of [CENSORED] with false allegations of SRA; activity that earned him a court conviction.”

Bullshit and more lies from Hind that sums up my problem with him and his supporters.

I have never spread any “false allegations of SRA”, and my “court conviction” is my business which I am forbidden to talk about due to Court Order A20200067.

With all the bravado of reporting innocent women to the police for what he believes is a “form of child-abuse,” Hind is activity in contempt of a Court Order preventing anything to be said online about my conviction.

How ironic!

“Taylor was investigated for possession of indecent images; he most recently says he is under police investigation over activities with boys in a wood.”

Where as I have been 100% transparent with my case, and have published all the documents and supporting evidence, Hind has yet to address the heart of the scandal which he is at the centre of, that he failed to report a paedo/groomer from Kent to the police, while today reports Sharon Gale and others for saying a name on YouTube, to a minimal audience, who would do nothing else with the information, but forget about it.

“Taylor is subject to at least three police complaints against himself, and is very much at risk of having his suspended prison sentence activated if he is convicted in relation to these police complaints.”

Three people may have indeed made a complaint against me, but it doesn’t mean those complaints are being investigated.

I am at zero risk of having my “suspended prison sentence activated”, and the fact that he was put this information into the public domain, now means James Hind has broken Court Order A20200067, and now finds himself in contempt of court.

Be rest assured, I will notify the Police, Lewes Courts and the Attorney General.

The court order restrictions placed against my trial is NOT for my benefit, but for benefit of the children, of whom danger, James Hind has now put them into.

“Matt Taylor is in no position to be throwing stones at people considering his history.”

I beg your pardon James Hind; I am perfectly positioned to be throwing stones, because I’m picking up the stones you’ve thrown at me, and throwing them back at you.

“Paedophiles like the ones I kicked out of that site, and Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor, are horses that often run together; they share the same traits such as aggression, lack of empathy and obsession; and they keep coming back to prey on innocent people.”

I wish James Hind stops talking about himself, superimposing himself onto others.

He says he “kicked paedophiles off the site”, when the evidence suggests he actively protected the paedophiles he identified on the site.

He told us he wanted to learn more about being a paedophile. He is right, paedophiles “are horses that often run together.”

James Hind has shown aggression to many many people, as with a lock of empathy and an obsession bordering on fanatical. It’s all projection. Hind comes back to prey on innocent people, while protecting the guilty.

“If there is anything I learnt from fighting paedophiles and Satan Hunters, the answer to curbing them is through tools such as artificial intelligence, which can act in the background and identify these predators, stopping them in their tracks before they do damage to the innocent.

Yeah yeah yeah; James Hind’s Ai project, has got just as much a chance to see reality as the construction of a new £200 million King Arthur II Film/TV Studios in Brighton! (Which to be fair, has good odds of succeeding!)

The only reason he wants to develop an Ai product is for “sinister purposes”, and nothing to do with the welfare and “wellbeing of children“, as he himself accuses of others.

Remember, its all Projection.

“I think the Satan Hunters interest in child protection is due to sinister purposes, nothing to do with the wellbeing of children.”

“This is the road I am interested in, by using the experiences I learned from encounters with paedophiles and Satan Hunters, and turning that into viable information technology products, that will permanently curb the activities of paedophiles and Satan Hunters on the internet.”

I don’t know about you, but Hind’s parting remark that he is “interested” in “permanently curbing the activities of paedophiles and Satan Hunters on the internet”, sounds very hollow and very creepy.

He hasn’t convinced me of anything, and failed to address the central issue of the scandal he finds himself in, namely that he protected a paedo/groomer from Kent, all the while pertaining to be a paedophile hunter, grassing up innocent women for breaking court orders, while he’s broken Court Order A20200067.

James Hind is a paedophile hiding in plain sight, and I believe I have successfully proved that, using his own words against him.

Stayed tuned to Shellie May’s Statement Analysis coming soon….

“I am a witch, an angel, a shaman, an Elohim from the Emerald Order, an Indigo.”


James Hind Vows Revenge

I will keep a close eye on Matt Taylor vows James Hind

OAP Murder Witness Living in Fear.

Elderly murder witness David ‘Joe’ Neilson, is too scared to return home to Sussex, in fear he will be killed by Sussex Police.

David ‘Joe’Neilson following attack on his life

The full story of Katrina Taylor’s murder and the cover up that followed.

How one man had to fight against some of the UK’s most powerful criminal organisations to try and get justice for Brighton’s most controversial unsolved murder.

318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven

Between 10.30pm on 4th July and 3.30am 5th July, 1966, Karina Taylor was stabbed to death, by 5 stab wounds to her upper torso, with two puncturing her heart and causing death. The body of Katrina Taylor was found in the graveyard of St Nicholas Church, in the centre of Brighton, at 8.30am in the morning.

The 19-year-old mother of an eight month old daughter was a petty criminal and heroin user, who had just met up with her boyfriend Mattie Laurie and his friend John Cosham, to burgle the property of Neisha Williams.

Supporting a heroin addiction costing up to £200 a day, Katrina acted out as a lookout, while Neisha Williams was robbed of a number of electrical items. They even returned later to steal the washing machine, and set fire to the furniture.

This one act committed on 8 May 1996, would set into motion a turn of events which would eventually result in Katrina’s death, two month’s later on 4th July 1996.  

She was spotted sitting on the steps of a Brighton seafront hotel by Simon Williams, the brother of Neisha WIlliams, who was burgled, who at the time was in his car with his girlfriend, Sarah Jackson.

According to eyewitnesses Simon stopped his car, got out, and Katrina ran into the hotel. The hotel’s manager recalls Katrina running in saying, “that black guy is going to kill me.”

Simon Williams entered the hotel and grabbed hold of Katrina, all the while Katrina pleading Simon not to hurt her. “Don’t hurt me, I know you’re going to hurt me.”

According to evidence given in court, both Katrina Taylor and Simon Williams arrived at 77 Centurion road in Brighton at about 6.15pm.

Katrina admitted to having sold Neisha’s stereo and admitted to have acted as a lookout, while her home was burgled.

Events were set to escalate and take on a more sinister turn.

There is no direct evidence to suggest what occurred between this time and the death of Katrina, only the killers of Karina knew what happened that fateful night.

We can only surmise that Katrina made a run for it. Waited for an opportunity to escape, and once it came she took it. She would have ran for the door and ran as fast as she could.

But with her killers in hot pursuit, she would have only reached the graveyard of St Nicholas church before being caught and murdered in cold blood.

Over the next 25 years, four people were charged with her murder. The trial was held at Lewes Crown Court in 1997. Two were found not guilty and two were found guilty. Those found guilty appealed on 15 Oct 1998 and got a retrial at the Old Bailey in London 1999.

No one has been found responsible for her murder.

The story behind Katrina Taylor’s murder, reveals a sinister partnership between organised crime and Sussex Police.

One man stumbled over this connection, and his world has never been the same again.

Heralded a hero for discovering the murder weapon that killed Katrina Taylor, David ‘Joe’ Neilson, has since gone onto become a thorn in the side of Sussex Police, ignored by Aged Concern, and banned from reporting crimes against himself.

Matt Taylor & David Neilson

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TaylorTV Podcast No’1 featuring Neelu Berry

TaylorTV Pod Cast No’1 – Movers and Shakers of the UK Truth/Conspiracy Community featuring Neelu Berry. TaylorTV Podcasts 01 Support Swissindo Launch of Payments 1-11 in the UK with Neelu Chaudhari Berry TaylorTV launches in the UK with an IMPROMPTU interview with a half asleep Neelu Berry as it starts at 10.30pm for over an hour! Her previous hosts complain that she is unable to answer questions, But she says she has an ability to shortcut answers to difficult questions to keep it simple. Questions – How HM. Mr Sino came to be the guardian, controller and distributor of the $1 Quintillion assets – Connected with the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 Aug 1945 and the loan of the Gold which previously belonged to the League of Nations, for 70 years to 17 Aug 2015. Download the documents Old documents on Many Royals from all over the world had that Gold STOLEN by PIRATE SHIPS and so now it is being given back to them as Payments 1-11, 1. $138.99 Trillion Country Quota will be allocated and spent by Community leaders, Whistleblowers, Political Prisoners. 2. $600 per child per month will appear in your current bank account 3. $1200 per adult per month wil appear in your current bank account 4. $150,000 debts paid – Personal loans per adult 5. $150,000 debts paid – Corporate loans per adult 6. $1.2 million advance payment for home, car, trade 7. $2 billion per corporate loans paid off including countries 8. Unlimited for Community Projects 9. Unlimited for infrastructures 10. Total $1 Quintillion 11. Unlimited Infinite Accounts How is Edward Ellis? – He is still having kidney dialysis, 3 days a week, in Essex, and is well. He uploads updates on of all the UK warriors’ Court cases on behalf of the Royal Commission Please sign the Petition Peace & Prosperity under Swissindo International Law 14 June 2010 Second Offer 14 June 2021 – Download Documents Peace & Prosperity under Swissindo International Law 14 June 2010 First Offer Corporate Banking Frauds by Corrupt Banks, via Governments, to Artificially induce Poverty and Slavery Systems under the pretence of PROFIT, to destroy Humanity under Satan’s Laws of Child Theft, Child Rapes, Child Cannibalism, Child Death, Fear, Destruction, Hell on Earth