Meghan Markle is NOT Pregnant

American divorcee, Meghan Markle is faking her pregnancy.

While nothing is what it seems with the ever lying Windsor Royal family; what is being portrayed in the mainstream media, is the complete opposite to what is happening behind closed palace doors.

Meghan Markle is the new Diana

According to Chris Spivey, (the controversial writer who was found guilty of harassing the family of murdered British soldier Lee Rigby in 2015); both Meghan Markle and Diana Spenser are fictional characters dreamed up by the satanic Windsor Royal family, designed to keep the true events of royal court secret.

Now the Queen herself has been brought into the hoax

The headline in the mainstream paper screams, “Queen Elizabeth Turns To Kate Middleton Amid Meghan’s ‘Reckless Toying’ Of Reputation.”

Going on further to reveal the astonishing revelation that the Queen has turned to Middleton for support amid Markle’s “Hurricane Meghan” issues.

A Royal Insider is said to have told the Woman’s Day magazine that, “The Queen is furious that she has to spend her twilight years mopping up horrendous headlines about how Meghan plays the U.S. press all while her family keep crawling out of the woodwork.”

Now if you think any Royal Insider would let a truth like that slip, then you are very naive and would believe anything the newspapers would tell you.

We all remember when the then Prime Minister, David Cameron was overheard telling the former Mayor of New York, that the Queen “purred down the line,” after telling her the result of the Scottish vote.

David Cameron was forced to issue a grovelling public apology for discussing with another person, a private conversation he had with the Queen.

In fact it common knowledge now, that Buckingham Palace will routinely sue any employee who dares slip any royal secrets.

To believe a Royal Insider is passing information to a Woman’s Day magazine, that “the Queen in furious that she has to spend her twilight years mopping up horrendous headline about how Meghan plays the U.S. press,” is utterly ridiculous, and anyone who believes this tripe must really reevaluate their cognitive thinking processes.

The fact that the Queen has been brought into the hoax, reveals just how close the Windsor royal family are to complete collapse.

From the fake story of Prince Philip’s car crash, to the fake feud between Kate and Meghan, to the latest fake news that the Queen and Kate are now in partnership against Meghan, simply reinforces the contention that Buckingham Palace is desperate for the public to look left, and in doing so, miss what’s going on the right.

What is the Queen hiding?

The truth has got to be of such a significance that the Windsor’s are pulling out all the stops, to cover-up what’s really going on behind palace doors.

Reading between the lines and knowing the Windsor’s like I do, Princess Charles is a paedophile and Carmilla wants a divorce.

Buckingham Palace is using an aged old psychological technique that while feeding the public a fabricated version of life, they are able to hide the truth of what’s really going down.

It’s an aged old satanic black magic tactic to avert attention from here, to look over there!

Meghan’s Life is in Peril

Youtube Channel DanjA zonE contends Meghan Markle is faking her pregnancy

Set to be serialized by the Sun Newspaper, Chris Spivey has written a sensational book, called “Meghan Exposed,” setting out in undebunkable detail, the truth that Meghan Markle is a fictional character, created by the satanic Windsor Royal family, for their own nefarious needs and wants.

markle exposed
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Once the truth was revealed, Meghan’s life was in danger.

Meghan Markle can bring down the satanic German Windsor Royal family, with only three small words.

“I’m a lie.”

When Buckingham Palace officials tell you that Meghan Markle’s recent Baby Shower in New York was planned months in advance; you can bet your last penny, it wasn’t.

Again, reading between the lines and knowing the Windsor’s as I do; I believe Meghan Markle fled England to the safety of her friends in America, fearing an ‘unfortunate accident,’ was about to befall her.

While sanctuary was offered to her by the rich and famous of Brighton society; Meghan Markle preferred to take her safety into her own hands, and fled to New York instead.


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Meghan Markle – Faking It.





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