Return of the King: Foiled Again by the Hoaxtead Crew


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In the latest blog dated Wednesday 15th of May, the title reads Return of the King foiled again written by El coyote.

return of the king foiled again
It looks as though would-be King John Wanoa has made another unsuccessful attempt to enter the country, this time via Belfast.

In a live-streamed video yesterday, Andy Devine hemmed and hawed and prevaricated and tried to put a good face on it, but eventually had to admit that Wanoa had been denied entry to the UK, and subsequently denied entry to the Netherlands:

“This is the second time I’ve come to meet John Wanoa, and he’s, er, not going to be there again”, Devine explains with something which could almost be described as a sheepish grin. “So John won’t be able to make it to Ireland….So I’ll do it remote, again, the same as last time, on the 16th, for St Patrick, for the eight-pointed star”.

Um, sure Andy, whatever you say.

(Also, it turns out that “Trip Beggins” was not, as we at first suspected, some weird Freeman on the Land patois for “attempting to raise money for a trip via a begging bowl”, but merely Devine’s peculiar spelling of “Trip Begins”. Bit disappointing, really.)


Let’s look at the comments, first up is ‘Steved’


LOL, I wonder if any had tipped them off about his travel plans???

(hint- it’s best to not post all over facebook that you are going to try and illegally enter the country….)

Hoaxtead are horrible people!


Fireman Sam posts at 5:10 a.m, “I did! Just like last time”

What very horrible people to boast of maliciously ringing up the border department and maliciously reporting on an entry of a free citizen of the world, travelling across the world, in which he has every right to do.

Absolutely disgusting behaviour from the Hoaxstead crew. They should be ashamed of themselves and must do humanity a favour and crawl back under the rock where they came from.

Anyone who supports the Hoaxtead Research stalking gang are cruel and vindictive and malicious people, who don’t deserve to walk out into the Sunshine of Life.

Hoaxtead Research is a group of stalkers of the lowest denomination; servants of Satan and the Elves of Santa.


Sam Best 15/05/2019 at 7:59 am

Doesn’t Andy or Good King Wanoa know Immigration have these new computer thingies which all link up with each other?.Don’t they ever watch those airport TV shows where custom’s officers press a button and the traveler’s previous infractions light up?. Wanoa needs a new Equerry. So I had it wrong and though his majesty would fly to Dublin and just cross the border. So much for his handful of followers who were all smugly telling him going to Belfast would be a breeze.

The above comment again demonstrates the cruelty and viciousness, of which is the calling card of the Hoaxtead group of stalkers.

A truly disgusting display of hatred and maliciousness. Above we have Sam Best taking the mick out of John Wanoa by saying he needs a new equerry, and then referring to the ‘handful of followers’.

This is how they (a gang of stalkers) refer to the God loving good citizens of the world.

‘His handful of followers’

There’s a lot more followers of John Wanoa and Andy Devine, than the Hoaxtead crew, that’s for sure .


anowlcalledsage 15/05/2019 at 3:52 am

The whole of GCHQ would like to thank Andy Devine for his covert surveillance of the King. At first we were a bit skeptical about his idea to post it unencrypted and in plain sight on the internet, but it’s saved us a fortune in setting up secret drops and covert operations. Don’t worry, we’ve used the budget under-run on Operation Flightless Bird to finance a Whit Bank Holiday trip to Weston-Super-Mare so that our operatives can recover from the rather painful effects of splitting their sides laughing.

A paragraph of absolute dribble. Jimmy Jones had the affront to call my writing ‘tripe’, but just read above. What an absolute payload of donkey dung.


Isn’t it amazing that these people who hide behind these affronts, feel their humour, is in any way funny.

What is most worrying is the disturbing realisation that GCHQ are working behind the scenes, and their jobs were made a little bit easier, and that’s no reflection on Andy Devine.

Andy Devine conducts himself correctly, honestly and transparently. This is a million miles away from the Hoaxtead stalking gang, who weasel away behind-the-scenes, maliciously in the shadows, foaming at their mouths, endorphins pumping, reveling in their gang-stalking mentality.


surreal hustle 15/05/2019 at 7:52 am

A sad and not entirely unexpected event

The actor and Qanon promoter Isaac Kappy has committed suicide by jumping from a bridge into oncoming traffic.

The world of SRA hoaxes is populated by many extremely vulnerable people in urgent need of psychiatric help.

Sadly many either get no help, get “help” from dubious quacks or, as I know sometimes happens, are offered proper help but are unable to make use of it because of the encouragement of their online and real life conspiraloon ‘friends”.

I do not know what, if any, mental health support Kappy received during his mental health crisis but the manipulation of vulnerable adults by quacks, conspiracy theorists and criminals is a significant problem in the world today and more needs to be done to protect the vulnerable.

This demonstrates the absolute irony of the Hoaxtead gang stalking community.

Their actions do have consequences and this has been demonstrated by the sad death of child actor and Qanon supporter who committed suicide, as the comment above chronicles.

Kappy would have committed suicide because of the constant online bullying he would have received by the likes of the Hoaxtead stalking gang.

I’ve made no secret of my own suffering at the hands of the Hoaxtead stalking gang, and like Kappy I was pushed to the edge pushed to the edge of despair, where all I could think of was ending my life.

The Hoaxtead crew have made the lives of many many people absolute hell, and it wasn’t for our strong spirits and determined natures, we would have succumbed to what Kappy did.

The Hoaxtead crew and their like have got blood on their hands, with the death of Kappy.

Hoaxtead crew shame on you, for sabotaging King John’s trip to the UK for a second time.

You’ll pay for this on Judgement Day.

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