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Ex Royal Military Policeman and convicted stalker Matt Taylor, has pulled out of the Brighton Kemptown 2019 General Election, saying Facebook’s 30 day ban, is the final nail in his general election campaign.

Found guilty of breaking Facebook’s Community Standards, for sharing a video of maverick political Tommy Robinson walking and talking past the Houses of Parliament, Taylor despondently says, “all chances of waging a successful social media election campaign has been lost.”

“All chances of waging a successful social media election campaign has been lost.”

Unable to appeal, Taylor’s words land on deaf ears:

“I am the parliamentary candidate for the UK Moai King William IV Party in Brighton Kemptown and this ban prevents being from waging a political social media campaign in the General Election.
When I shared the footage of Tommy Robinson walking past the Houses of Parliament, I didn’t know that it went against Community Standards.
I’ve read and understand the Community Standards and don’t understand how posting footage of Tommy Robinson walking and talking is a violation of anything.
It was already posted on Facebook and was being freely shared. Facebook allowed it to be shared on their platform, but yet you’ve banned me for sharing it?
It doesn’t make sense, unless you received a malicious report from the Hoaxtead Research community, who made this report, specifically to sabotage my social media election campaign.
This really isn’t fair and I am the victim in this instance.”

Zero Xredibilty

Told by The Argus chief crime reporter Emily Walker that he has “no credibility”, Taylor’s public exposure, in equal measure with the other Brighton Kemptown candidates, took a nose-dive, after The Argus, (under the editorial-ship of Mike Gilson) omitted him from the list of candidates in the article, ‘General Election 2019: Who can I vote for in Brighton and Hove?’

Lloyd Russell-Moyles, Joe Miller, Alexander Phillips, Ben Thomas, Graham Cushway, Bridget Fishleigh, Matt Taylor

The same happened to him in 2015, again under the editorial-ship of Mike Gilson.

The Argus – Travesty of Democracy

The Final Nail in the Coffin – The Straw that broke the camel’s back – STOP THE METAPHORS PLEASE!

As this leaked email from Matt Taylor to his friend David Neilson reveals:

“I’m giving up on politics. I’ve had enough of banging my head against a brick wall.
I’ve got zero credibility mate and as such will never be taken seriously.
ha ha!”

If Matt Taylor had no credibility, why has so much been done to silence him?

2015 General Election Campaign Sabotaged by a false arrest – Election campaign office forced to close-down
I never knew politics could be so dangerous

7 November 2019 – Omitted from the list of Brighton Kemptown parliamentary candidates in The Argus – Recalling the 2015 General Election when the editor of The Argus Mike Gilson did the same – Told by chief crime reporter Emily Walker that I’ve got “no credibility.”

8 November 2019 – Given a 30 day Facebook ban for sharing a video of Tommy Robinson walking and talking past the Houses of Parliament, preventing me from waging a successful social media election campaign.

“I’m tired of banging my head against a brick wall…”

Basing his assumptions of past experience, heart-crest-fallen Taylor predicts he’ll be excluded from all hustings and other election related events, which the other candidates would be invited to attend and participate.

“All I need to do now is tell John Wanoa the news….”

Surrogate King William IV Moai King John Wanoa

Mr.X Youtube Channel Comments

I wish to thank everyone who took the time to comment on my YouTube channel. It means a lot to me because my last Youtube channel was cruelly and unfairly deleted, following complaints from New Zealand born Elliot Dawson, and other satanic super soldier mental retards.

Matt Taylor accepts New Zealand invitation to meet alleged Christchurch killer Elliot Dawson


List of people who have commented on my Youtube channel

  • McKenzies Devils
  • Nev 3539
  • Scotsman
  • Best youtube channel by Sanchita! – who left a surprisingly lovely comment, “surprisingly sensuous video clip I have been particularly truly sexy”




  • S SAS man


  • ‘YouTube’ commented, (literally a sock account called YouTube), Chris Spivey is a ponce who just makes his mongo minions stump up his cash by ranting and blaming them for him failing at life in general. He is the ONLY skint “registered tattoo artist” in the world! The most piss poor of tattooists will still charge at the very least 50 quid an hour! Yet this fuckin retarded fuck nugget holds out a daily BEGGING BOWL via his shitty website so all the passengers on his damn HAPPY BUS have to fill it

**Fuck Spivey up the arse with Danielle La Verite’s hook nose!****

  • Happy hemp
  • Devine bar, who of course is the wonderful Andy Devine



  • cip clips


A new subscriber which I’m very proud to have onboard and subscribed to my YouTube channel; is none other than cip clips himself and guess what else?

I’ve actually conversed with the great and wonderful man himself via Skype and I’m always looking forward to his youtube shows.


  • DHL baby delivery service
  • Shug Fae The Quo Vadis

Please join me while we explore them a bit closer

Here we go, but before we do, I just like to again thank you for taking the time to read my stuff.

I did feel particularly hurt recently due to a Jimmy Jones, from the website, who recently called my writing “tripe.”

Sticks and sons may break my bones, but calling my writing “tripe” is really hurtful.


Let’s start by exploring this comment by Shug Fae The Quo Vadis who commented, “Mr X If you stuck to being silly it would be fine but supporting child abusers is another kettle of fish altogether.”

Now let’s examine that,  “Mr X If you stuck to being silly it would be fine…”

I can only presume that they are referring to my Matt Taylor comedy shows which I love doing for their comedy content.

I’m happy to stick to my comedy. I love comedy. Tommy Cooper is my all time comedy hero!

But isn’t it interesting that Shug thinks it would be “fine”, if I just kept to my comedy, kept to being “silly”..

That’s fine by me to; but supporting child abusers is “another kettle of fish altogether.”

Supporting child abusers? Of course I do – don’t we all?

Of course I support child abusers. Parliament is riddled with paedophiles and sexual deviants. Whenever I sing ‘God Save the Queen,’ I’m supporting child abusers.

“Another kettle of fish altogether”

I’ve never understood that phrase ‘another kettle of fish’.

What a strange synonym to use.

Let’s start from beginning.

“Mr X if you stuck to being silly it would be fine but supporting child abusers is another kettle of fish altogether.”

Wow my secret is out, but in my defence, don’t we all support child abusers, in hidden and mysterious ways?

Of course we support child abusers. We support child abusers simply by entering into the Democratic process (by voting) and pledging allegiance to the crown, singing ‘God Save the Queen.’

Shug Fae The Quo Vadis; what a peculiar and weird name?  What absolutely silly name to label himself/herself.

Shug’s previous comments to me was, “silly man you are.”

To which I replied, “Thank you I like being silly”.

Something else that is weird from the words Shug uses is, “another kettle of fish altogether”

Does that mean I’m someone special?  That if it’s ok for everyone else, to choose to support child abusers, but if I did, it’s “another kettle of fish.”

Cut and pasted from the internet:

“This expression is usually part of the phrases ‘a fine kettle of fish’, ‘a pretty kettle of fish’ etc, which mean ‘a muddle or awkward state of affairs’. The phrase ‘a different/another/whole-new kettle of fish’ has a separate meaning, which is, ‘an alternative; a different thing altogether’.”

Indeed using the synonym,  ‘a-kettle-of-fish’ remark really means “a different thing altogether.”

Which means I’m special because it’s a different thing altogether; and to have someone of my importance, thinking otherwise, is a serious threat to the Queen and country.

The simple fact that these people leave comments, shows they have an interest in me and has placed an important on my name and character. I feel humbled and in gratitude for their kind thought.

Let’s move onto another YouTube commenter but before we do, one more mention about the Shug’s name, which deserves a Google search of its own.

Shug Fae The Quo Vadis

Shug Fae Quo Vadis, let’s Google it and see what comes back.


It’s interesting that the YouTube channel was only created 3 Days ago, with only 3 videos have been uploaded.

THE ARGOSY, Glasgow Karaoke (Govan) and, The Clansman Govan Glasgow.

Now let’s move on to ‘DHL Baby Delivery Service’ who commented, “Shame you turned up late for cip clips Matt that part of the game is over now.”

Let’s explore exactly what ‘DHL Baby Delivery Service’ means when he or she says, “Shame you turned up late for cip clips Matt that part of the game is over now.”

First phrase that springs to mind is, a WTF!

Let’s break it down

Firstly I wasn’t late. My finger sprang to attention, and hit the button as soon as I learnt cip clip was live. I didn’t miss a thing. I was listening in from 8 p.m. So there is no “shame” that I turned up late because I didn’t turn up late.

Evidently a satanist; it was nice of her/him to use my name, where as Shug called me a “silly man.”

I appreciate being called by my name

Now let’s explore the sock name ‘DHL Baby Delivery Service.’

This has obvious references to the Hampstead satanic ritual abuse story which is being kept alive by Karen Irvine, who herself was recently been mentioned in The Telegraph newspaper.

Its reference is in connection, with the delivery of body parts.

I’m reluctant to go further because the details of the Hampstead satanic ritual abuse story is too horrific to mention.

The sock puppet’s decision to use a depiction of Satan as his profile pic, says it all.

I love Santa as much as everyone and I encourage my children to invite Santa into their bedrooms at least once a year, but isn’t it disturbing that this freaking weirdo DHL Baby Delivery Service should go ahead and create himself a false Youtube sock account, simply to comment on my video about King Arthur.

Frankly this person is a satanist. He choose to pick Satan as his profile picture, and a profile name, with a deliberate reference to the most despicable aspect of the Hampstead satanic ritual abuse story.

Keeping the Hampstead case alive and kicking

This shows how important I am within the alternative Media. This demonstrates beyond out that I am the Daddy.

‘papa hemp’ is next to comment on my Youtube video about the 788 – 790 Finchley Road fraud called ‘David Cameron is Dead’,  (headline is everything) , “Most excellent Sir ! you ARE the Daddy?”

papa hemp 0papa hemp 2

Papa hemp who we otherwise know to be Abraham Christie of the Hampstead satanic ritual abuse story, was kind enough to comment beautiful family Mr X :-).



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Mr.X, “Nobody disobeys my orders”

Written by guest writer Jeanette Strong


I had a boss in the mid-1990s I’ll call Mr. X. He was very similar to President Donald Trump in talent and temperament. In other words, he was incompetent and narcissistic.

Mr. X believed, as Trump does, that he knew everything about everything, so it was very difficult to actually discuss ideas that would help the organization. Instead, Mr. X would give an ignorance-based order on how to do something and then expect us to do it.

In the recently released 448-page Mueller report, there are 180 pages describing Trump’s many attempts to obstruct justice. Much of Trump’s obstruction, such as intimidating witnesses, happened in public, so Trump’s followers think, “That can’t be obstruction because he did it right in front of us.” However, a crime committed in public is still a crime.

What prevented a lot of these attempts from succeeding was that Trump’s people wouldn’t follow his orders. The Muller report said, “The president’s efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests.” Trump’s people knew the president was asking them to break the law, so they refused.

By refusing to obey Trump’s orders, his people were protecting him, but when asked about this, Trump said, “Nobody disobeys my orders.” (Politico, April 22, 2019) Thus speaks a man whose role models are some of the world’s most ruthless dictators: Kim of North Korea, Putin of Russia, Xi of China, etc. Trump would love to have the absolute power they have.

At the organization where I worked, one employee had been there for over 20 years in a very specialized position, long before Mr. X arrived. She knew her job well. One day, Mr. X came in and told her how he wanted her to do a certain procedure. She tried to explain why that wouldn’t work, and he got angry. She ignored him and did the job the correct way. He never checked back.

This is similar to Trump insisting his people do something illegal. When they explain why they can’t, he doesn’t accept their answer. Instead, he becomes furious. Like Mr. X, he thinks he can compel whatever actions he wants. That’s the combination of ignorance and narcissism at work.

Remember how Trump bragged he knows more about health care, or taxes, or debt (he might be right there!), or trade, or the military, or everything else than anyone else? Mr. X was the same.

Our organization was going to buy some computers and I was in charge of purchasing the software. Mr. X called me into his office to tell me that the computers were ordered. I asked him what kind of computers were bought so I would know what type of software to buy. His response was, “The software determines that.”

I’m not a technological genius, but I knew that the software had to be the right type for the computer, so I asked him again. He began shouting at me, and after about 5 minutes, he finally hollered, “They’re IBM compatible, if that’s what you want to know!”

I thanked him and left. I then called our technology department to confirm this and found the computers were configured for Windows, which required a different type of software. Mr. X was so certain he knew everything, his fragile ego couldn’t handle even a simple question that implied he didn’t. This is exactly how Trump responds when he is challenged on anything.

Trump has boasted that he has “one of the great memories of all time.” Since Trump refused to testify to Mueller in person, he was given written questions to answer, with no tight timeline. Trump could use any help he wanted, including his lawyers and any written records.

In spite of that, on the questions about obstruction, Trump answered “I don’t recall” 36 times. Remember how he mocked Hillary Clinton for saying that, when she was under endless investigations? What happened to Trump’s “great memory”?

Working for Mr. X was horrible. I finally quit rather than continue to work for a man who was so inept and causing so much damage. The organization suffered until he was finally removed. This is what Trump is doing to America.

We the people must not let him continue to destroy America just to soothe his ego. We must insist that he follow the Constitution or resign. We have no other choice if our democracy is to survive.

Jeanette Strong, whose column appears every other week, is a Nevada Press Association award-winning columnist. She may be reached at