TaylorTV Podcast No’1 featuring Neelu Berry

TaylorTV Pod Cast No’1 – Movers and Shakers of the UK Truth/Conspiracy Community featuring Neelu Berry. TaylorTV Podcasts 01 Support Swissindo Launch of Payments 1-11 in the UK with Neelu Chaudhari Berry TaylorTV launches in the UK with an IMPROMPTU interview with a half asleep Neelu Berry as it starts at 10.30pm for over an hour! Her previous hosts complain that she is unable to answer questions, But she says she has an ability to shortcut answers to difficult questions to keep it simple. Questions – How HM. Mr Sino came to be the guardian, controller and distributor of the $1 Quintillion assets – Connected with the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 Aug 1945 and the loan of the Gold which previously belonged to the League of Nations, for 70 years to 17 Aug 2015. Download the documents http://www.swissindo.webs.com Old documents on http://www.allto1.webs.com Many Royals from all over the world had that Gold STOLEN by PIRATE SHIPS and so now it is being given back to them as Payments 1-11, 1. $138.99 Trillion Country Quota will be allocated and spent by Community leaders, Whistleblowers, Political Prisoners. 2. $600 per child per month will appear in your current bank account 3. $1200 per adult per month wil appear in your current bank account 4. $150,000 debts paid – Personal loans per adult 5. $150,000 debts paid – Corporate loans per adult 6. $1.2 million advance payment for home, car, trade 7. $2 billion per corporate loans paid off including countries 8. Unlimited for Community Projects 9. Unlimited for infrastructures 10. Total $1 Quintillion 11. Unlimited Infinite Accounts How is Edward Ellis? – He is still having kidney dialysis, 3 days a week, in Essex, and is well. He uploads updates on http://www.equitygovernance.uk of all the UK warriors’ Court cases on behalf of the Royal Commission Please sign the Petition http://www.change.org/swissindo1 http://www.swissindo.webs.com Peace & Prosperity under Swissindo International Law 14 June 2010 Second Offer 14 June 2021 – Download Documents http://www.allto1.webs.com Peace & Prosperity under Swissindo International Law 14 June 2010 First Offer http://www.scambuster.tv Corporate Banking Frauds by Corrupt Banks, via Governments, to Artificially induce Poverty and Slavery Systems under the pretence of PROFIT, to destroy Humanity under Satan’s Laws of Child Theft, Child Rapes, Child Cannibalism, Child Death, Fear, Destruction, Hell on Earth

Neelu Berry 2015 Court Transcript – Satanic Ritual Death of her Niece.

Another horrific real-life story of Satanic Ritual Abuse was revealed during court proceedings on 26 May 2015, during a conversation between Judge Justice Jay and pharmacist whistleblower Neelu Berry, concerning a complaint with the United Kingdom corporation, c/o London borough of Camden.

 MRS BERRY: Well, this is a longstanding issue of dishonour in public service by public servants since 19… no, 2000 since the birth of my niece, baby Sunaina Chaudhari, 5 months old, in King George Hospital in Redbridge under the care of London Borough of Redbridge Social Services. She was given drug overdoses, the overdoses were overlooked by the doctors, the trust, NHS Trust, the pathologist, the coroner and the police and the court system through this appeal procedure to get a new inquest, applications made to try to get…

I am myself a qualified pharmacist, my registered name was Neelu Chaudhari. I was persecuted by my professional body, The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. They’d committed a fraud and struck me off whilst I was whistleblowing and so I’m quite familiar with what happens to whistleblowers in this country. We do have many, many whistleblowers falsely prosecuted, also imprisoned and this is whistleblowing on the forced adoptions of children being kidnapped from loving parents and families, as my niece was, put into care forcibly and given drug overdoses and then she went through a satanic ritual. My sister found her with a blister on her lip and a bruise on her tongue.  

Its during this extract of their conversation, that the words, “satanic ritual” are mentioned.

“We do have many, many whistleblowers falsely prosecuted, also imprisoned and this is whistleblowing on the forced adoptions of children being kidnapped from loving parents and families, as my niece was, put into care forcibly and given drug overdoses and then she went through a satanic ritual. My sister found her with a blister on her lip and a bruise on her tongue.”

Forced adoptions of children being kidnapped from loving parents and families, put into care forcibly and given drug overdoses and then put through satanic rituals.

This is the dark dark dark secret London doesn’t want you to know.

Satan is alive and well. Satan is Santa, Saint Nic is Satanic!

THE JUDGE: So when did she die, your niece?

MRS BERRY: 26th October 2000. She was born on 25th May 2000.

THE JUDGE: 26th October 2000. What was her name?

MRS BERRY: Sunaina Chaudhari, S-U-N-A-I-N-A, Chaudhari, C-H-A-U-D-H-A-R-I. That’s my maiden name. I use both names.


MRS BERRY: Chaudhari means lord [which is a?] title to my ancestors.

THE JUDGE: Yes, because I cannot gather that from your application notice.

Neelu’s niece called Sunaina Chaudhari was an innocent baby, killed during a satanic ritual sacrifice to demons of the world’s darkest forces.

During a heated court encounter between Judge Justice Jay and Neelu Beery, a member of the public interrupted proceedings:

 THE JUDGE: I am telling you what the law is and you have to listen to me.

A MALE SPEAKER: You don’t know it yourself.

THE JUDGE: If you are not happy, you can leave.

A MALE SPEAKER: [Inaudible] because you’re acting… we’re going to stand under Article 6 [of the?] Magna Carta and you’re acting treasonous and corrupt by assuming that your laws are laws but they’re not. They’re Acts of Parliament which aren’t laws at all. They’re just a bunch of rubbish that you make up all the time [inaudible] when it suits you lot, yes, that’s what you do. We’re coming for you [through the?] Magna Carta anyway [inaudible].

THE JUDGE: Listen, under the rules, which is rule 54—

MRS BERRY: I’m here as a woman as a natural law… under natural law. Manmade laws—

THE JUDGE: [Inaudible]

MRS BERRY: Manmade laws don’t apply to me. You’re quoting me from the Civil Procedure Rules after… that have been drafted after this country was bankrupted in 1930 by the Geneva Convention, by the League of Nations at the Geneva Convention and this country has been under the Uniform—

THE JUDGE: All right, I see where this is going.

More evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

In the following extract, horrific details of the injuries to the dead baby are revealed, leaving a chilling vision of the aftermath of a satanic ritual.

“She had a needle mark in her neck, she had her eyeballs removed, she had all organs removed.”

You are warned. This is graphic and distressing descriptions of satanic ritual abuse.

“Somehow the satanic cults have taken over honour in this country, all public service is being driven by Satanists and we have the case which led to my three kidnaps was the babies being cannibalised and vampirised at churches and primary schools and nursery schools in the UK in Hampstead and my niece’s death was also a satanic ritual. She had a needle mark in her neck, she had her eyeballs removed, she had all organs removed without knowledge and consent and against the wishes of her parents.”

 THE JUDGE: Have you reported these matters to the police?

MRS BERRY: I have indeed. The police found it quite amusing when I told the Holborn Police Station that I was reporting my kidnapping and to pervert the course of justice in their crimes of rape, sodomy, cannibalism and vampirism against babies and children at the Christ Church itself in Hampstead and the Christ Church Primary School and eight other primary schools in Hampstead. It was the same team of police that were on duty every time I was kidnapped. It was Sergeant Andrews, who was very proud to tell me that it was his idea that I was charged with the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 because Peter Suddell, he said, had been fined £16 and that’s why he decided that was the law to use against me but when the matter came before District Judge McPhee he said, “I am not seeing a charge here, you better review whether to proceed”, but I was kidnapped two more times after that.  

 THE JUDGE: And what specific obligation are you relying on there?

MRS BERRY: It must be under the Gold Standard. This country has been trading outside the Gold Standard.

THE JUDGE: Oh, I see, yes [inaudible]—

MRS BERRY: And has been printing paper money and so it’s made Gold Standard redundant and the rest of the planet, it’s enslaved the rest of the planet by coming out of the Gold Standard and this… this order requires the country to become… become honourable to other countries and to come under Gold Standard. It is what it is supposed to be doing in any case. Somehow the satanic cults have taken over honour in this country, all public service is being driven by satanists and we have the case which led to my three kidnaps was the babies being cannibalised and vampirised at churches and primary schools and nursery schools in the UK in Hampstead and my niece’s death was also a satanic ritual. She had a needle mark in her neck, she had her eyeballs removed, she had all organs removed without knowledge and consent and against the wishes of her parents.

The police find it quite amusing to go round kidnapping people who are getting close to the truth of what they’re getting up to, the satanic cults are running this country, they’re running the police service, they’re running the National Health Service, they’re running Social Services. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of parents without children where their children have been trafficked for prostitution, pornography and paedophilia and snuff movies by the Satanists and people are going to require this remedy to, you know, as soon as possible.

A MALE SPEAKER: [Inaudible]

MRS BERRY: So we’re just concerned members of the public. There’s going to be obviously a media… there’s alternative media that’s working very hard to get this out and I’m just representing all the people in the United Kingdom. I just happen to be the one who’s been persecuted for 15 years, perhaps my dad was a barrister and when I was a pharmacist I know enough about the National Health Service and the legal system from that that I feel that perhaps I’m representing other people who may not be here before your honour.

THE JUDGE: Is there anything else you want to say?

 MRS BERRY: All I can say is that this is… this is something which is… is required by all public servants by default. It is because we are divine, we’re divinities, we’re children of God, we serve God, all people on this planet serve God, we are God and he’s our father and God serves us. It’s a relationship that we have and we do not serve Satan, we do not accept Satanists taking the authority of our authority and our dad’s authority away from us, especially where babies and children are involved. We, you know, under all the laws I would like to read out just my witness statement, “I, Neelu Berry”—

THE JUDGE: You do not need to read it out because I have read it.

MRS BERRY: If you don’t mind, I’d like to put it on the record.

THE JUDGE: There is not a record.

MRS BERRY: It will just take me two minutes, if you don’t mind:

“I, Neelu Berry, woman, hereby give this witness statement on behalf of all, we, the people of the United Kingdom Corporation to bring all public service into honour at all times under universal laws of free will, non-interference and oneness, under ancient laws of hoo’oponopono, love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, natural laws of do no harm and let no one harm you and Uniform Commercial Code, international trading law with consent and honour, 1930 Geneva Convention Statelessness Treaties, the United Kingdom Corporation has been trading illegally due to its bankruptcy with dishonour in all public service which is required to be with honour.  

 Despite the public prosecution brought in August 2013 brought to the notice of public servants and a commercial lien in a notarised affidavit of truth of dishonour filed on 29th May 2014 in CAD/2327 29th May 2014, further dishonour has continued with impostor police kidnaps, theft, forced entries at home, false handcuffs not necessary, to pervert the course of justice and cover up of crimes of rape, sodomy, murder, cannibalism, vampirism, prostitution, paedophilia, pornography and snuff movies against babies and children in UK churches, primary schools and nurseries, local businesses, private residencies, local authority premises by public servants such as priests, head teachers, teachers, parents, social workers, police, CAFCASS etc.

I seek the attached order to bring all public service into honour and remove all public servants acting with dishonour despite warnings, to be removed by four good men. I seek remedies for those kidnapped and their property to be returned to their homes and families immediately, including children trafficked by social services into such satanic cults.”

And I also invoke the Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 if the Uniform Commercial, just as a back up for the Uniform Commercial Code. I am here under national law and I do not accept manmade laws have any precedence over common laws or natural laws or ancient laws or [divine?] laws and so by right I hereby on behalf of humanity, global community under that… the international law of honourable trading with consent and with our contract [within the?] contract with consent and so that I require this order to be made today so that we may then start to get the public servants to start remedying the dishonour from the past and [it’s a big job?] on their hands and then they can start doing good work which is what they are supposed to be doing, serve and protect the public.

THE JUDGE: All right?

MRS BERRY: Thank you.

Neelu Berry is a heroine of the highest order.

 “That all public servants must act and public service and public standing must be with honour at all times with the consent of the people and all dishonour must be remedied by the public servants immediately.”




Surrogate King William IV John Wanoa, remains detained against his will at the Middlemore Mental Health hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

Following on from the police assassination attempts against Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis, and Moai Tidal project energy business partners John Paterson, Neelu Berry and Lee Cant; secret service security units across the world are on high alert, tasked with suppressing an Islamic style awakening happening on the streets of Great Britain.
Denied entry into England on the 25 March 2019 and detained for 14 hours at Heathrow airport, 70 year old John Wanoa was deemed a ‘threat to Queen Elizabeth II,’ and sent back to New Zealand, via Hong Kong.
As a result of having his plans sabotaged by malicious complaints from the satanic Hoaxtead Research community, John Wanoa found himself sleeping in his car, while sending the money saved to his wife and family in the Philippines.
Through a number of Live feeds via Facebook and Youtube, genius John Wanoa was able to keep in touch with his billion followers across the world; keeping them abreast of his plans to set up the King’s Bench Law Courts, and the launch of his world changing Moai Tidal energy project, which is set to install water turbines on the sea-bed across the world, generating a carbon zero Hydrogen based economy, and releasing £970 million trillion trillion into circulation across the globe.
Accused by the satanic Hoaxtead Research community of orchestrating a £50 billion pound financial fraud with his Moai Tidal Energy company, John Wanoa’s pension and bank accounts were closed, pending an investigation.
Cooking his favourite delicacy of fish-head soup, to a global audience tripping over his every word, it was on the 02 July 2019, when John Wanoa was live feeding on his mobile from the library, when two plain clothed policemen (one calling himself Brett Shields,) approached him offering a trip to the local hospital to have his blood pressure checked; promising to bring him back to his car later.
Instead of going through the front door of the hospital, he was taken through the back door, without registration, to a mental health ward, and has been held there against his will ever since.

“I’m witnessing an assassination attempt.”

In a passionate Live Feed via his Youtube, :Andrew :Devine speaks to New Zealand police updating them that they’re now injecting John Wanoa with a monthly dose of a schizophrenic drug.
Introducing himself as a partner in business, :Andrew :Devine explained how they were ready to steam full speed ahead, create the Moai Powerhouse Tidal generators that will go around the world, creating the hydrogen economy which will make this world a beautiful place again.

“Everything is in place.”

His business partner in the UK John Patterson was sectioned on the same day, under the mental health fraud. It was a joint assassination attempt on them both.

John Paterson has been released and is now hiding in a safe house.

“It was the police assassination attempt on John Patterson and it was a police assassination attempt on John Wanoa. The policeman in New Zealand which was Brett Shields doesn’t even exist.”
Using all his strength to stay calm and making an impassioned plea to the police officer, :Andrew :Devine complained that nothing had been done, having called them 3 days earlier.
“You were told this three days ago and nothing has been done, I think this is not the duty of care that I expect from police. You’re completely complicit in this, you are all being watched around the whole world. The whole world is watching this.”
John Wano is being held against his will in the Middlemore Hospital 35 East Ward at 35 East. His daughter Tracy, has been pushed out on a trespass notice, because a doctor came in and forced himself in between her and John, whilst they were eating fish and chips for lunch.

“They are injecting him with a schizophrenic drug.”

:Andrew :Devine explains, “I repeat the only reason why he went to that hospital was to get his blood pressure checked, but he was never taken to the hospital, he was taken in the back door of the hospital. He was taken against his will and he was taken through without any record of going in, by a policeman that does not even exist. The doctors forced a medical examination on him for being mental, because they were given information from a policeman that doesn’t exist. There is no evidence of anything that what was stated, so there’s no evidence, there’s no case.”

This is a complete assassination attempt just like there was with John Patterson in England at the same day on the same 02 July.

“John Patterson was released, John Wanoa doesn’t have the same help as we do over there.”
Pleading for John’s life, his friend begs, “Please understand my position. My friend is being killed right in front of my eyes and I’m watching you. Please do everything to help him. Please understand my position.”
“They took him straight in through the back door of the hospital where there is no registration of him going in there to disappear him. This is a disappearance; exactly the same as what they did to John Paterson in the UK.
Five Sussex police officers arrested John Paterson outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, which is completely out of their jurisdiction
Pleading for Wanoa’a life, :Andrew :Devine says, “They’re gonna dumb him, they’re gonna screw him up, they’re gonna screw his mind, they’re gonna kill him, they’re gonna kill his mind or kill his body, one or the other. They’re going to disappear him, they’re making him null and void.”
“He is a whistleblower. The fraud that he exposed is massive. The only way they can stop him is by killing him or getting him under a mental health fraud, so that they can discredit what he’s saying. This is an outright assassination attempt on his credibility, of his brain, of his whole body and destroying him for what he’s doing.”
“John Patterson is John Wanoa’s business partner. They’ve got contracts ready to sign and deals which create tens of thousands of jobs. Billions of pounds of business is being stopped right now. They’re stopping him from signing these deals. We’re so close to doing it now, and obviously too close, because that’s why they’ve now sectioned them both off to disappear them.”
“You’re a constable sworn on your oath to care after the public. You should have a police car down there on the way down there right now and move him from that building. They are injecting them and forcing drugs down him without his consent. They are not giving him an option and they have sectioned him with no evidence. There is zero evidence and a policeman that took him down there doesn’t even exist for God’s sakesI Why are you not down there already, why were you not down there three days ago when I told you this?”


Let’s make some noise….




John Wanoa
Surrogate King William IV Monarch – John Wanoa

Moai Tidal Energy Gold SharesJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayJoin the UK Moai King William IV Party todayMoai Power Househttps://www.moaipowerhouse.com/https://www.moaipowerhouse.com/Join the UK Moai King William IV Party todayi stand proud with john wanoaa_15607794906396728556573368540146.pngVID_20190617_142114.gifVID_20190622_233632.gifWhatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieveVID_20190617_082158.gifVID_20190617_082825.gif

Latest News on Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis for the attention of Dame Victoria Sharp Queen’s Bench

Edward Ellis talks with Andy Devine about his 20 Page Document dated 23rd June 2019

For the attention of Dame Victoria Sharp, the first woman President of the Queen’s Bench, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Lords and Bishops.

Read more: News from the Queen’s Bench

24 Hour Remedy Demand + Immunity Offer – Personal Liability of all Officers of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in Citizen Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

This is a 24 hour Remedy Demand as per the attached telephone call made to the CEO Marianne Griffiths, copied to the Health Minister and PM May.

1. Withdraw the Mental Health Fraud on Mr Edward William Ellis, National Health Service Patient 632 855 6020

2. Pay for Remedial Kidney Care at a private facility in London within 24 hours to remedy the wrongful Fistula placed by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in the left arm since December 2018, which connects an artery to a vein pending dialysis (within a few days) but no dialysis has been provided in 7 months under the pretence of being on a dialysis waiting list and pretence of no dialysis available.  This is an assassination attempt by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust officers in which the CEO and all Directors have personal liability.

Attempt 1. On 17th June 2019, a phone call was received from a Redbridge Mental Health Team offering their services, which were declined by Mr Ellis

Attempt 2. On 18th June 2019, at 9.45 am, an unannounced Mental Health Home Sectioning Fraud Attempt was made by a Team of 3 at the new home of Mr Edward William Ellis (1)

Attempt 3. On 19th June 2019, at 9.45 am a second failed Home attempt with a Team of 4 (2)

Attempt 4. On 19th June at 3pm, an attempt was made by a Nephrologist, Dr Lever at Queens Hospital, Romford Essex, on grounds that there was an earlier Mental Health Fraud by Nephrologist of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, namely Nephrologist Dr Adam MacDiarmaid-Gordon (3) Transcript below (4) who has failed to provide Dialysis without follow-up of the Fistula left in place for 7 months, causing the blood to bypass the lungs and kidneys, causing weight loss, infections, hayfever, heart enlargement, concealing a slow tortuous death.

Attempt 5. A Phone call was received from the Mental Health Team at  5pm on 19th June 2019 to attempt to kidnap Mr Ellis

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is hereby served with the 20 page document by Mr Ellis, on the Mass Remedy Process which he is managing on behalf of the Crown & Lord Bishops, already served on Parliament

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is hereby offered the Immunity offer to provide the remedy of Dialysis and after care to commence within 24 hours, paid for by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust at a private facility chosen by Mr Ellis in London, until he is fully recovered.  This is a Public Interest Case.

This immunity offer is valid for 24 hours after sending of this email, namely until 2pm on Thursday 27 June 2019.

Your acceptance of the offer by return email copied to Mr Ellis, copied in, will also confirm payment arrangements by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust directly with the Private Kidney Care Facility for the immediate admission within 24hrs

(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1RbCg1IyHA
18 June 2019:NHS Mental Health Fraud Caught on CCTV on Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis

(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfwtY7wOEBw
19 June 2019: NHS Mental Health Fraud Caught on CCTV on Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis

(3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZa7z-r7Yic
19 June 2019 4pm: Kidney Specialist Caught Impersonating a Psychiatrist in Kidnap Attempt of Mr Ellis

DRAFT TRANSCRIPT of (3) above is below 

2019 06 19 Transcript of Kidney Ambulatory Care Unit Mental Health Fraud in Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis 
Dr Lever: I want you to be seen by, I think you should be seen by the psychiatric services here. 
Mr Ellis: I refuse 
Dr Lever: Yes but at the moment these processes are not absolutely not going to recognise…. 
Mr Ellis: They’ve screwed up
Dr Lever: I’m not going to argue with you. I’d rather, What I am saying is, all I want to do…
Mr Ellis: I am giving Notice to Parliament
Dr Lever: I’m not interested, I am saying
Mr Ellis: I’ll finish
Dr Lever: Please, I’m saying I’m not interested, I’m not interested I am saying for you to have a mental health assessment
Mr Ellis: A decision is being made this week, I will finish the grounds this week
Ms Berry: Sorry, Hi,
Mr Ellis: Hello Do Sit down
Dr Lever: Who are you
Ms Berry: I’m with Edward
Mr Ellis: This is Neelu Berry
Dr Lever: Oh Hello! Hi
Mr Ellis: She has consent to sit
Dr Lever: Hi I’m Dr Lever I am a kidney Consultant Hi So what I am saying is, what I am saying to Edward is that he has, so I have received correspondence from his GP, and I’ve also received correspondence from DDiarMaidGordon who was one of his consultants when he was seen at the Royal Sussex County in Brighton in March 2019. Dr DiarMaid-Gordon, dr Bukhari and myself have concerns 1. About Edwards kidney failure OK Right Because Edward does have kidney failure in terms of his kidney function is less than 10% of what it should be. So Edward is at the level where we need to think about starting dialysis treatment
Ms Berry: Can you show me the tests that you’ve done
Dr Lever: So I’ve got all the tests over here. This is the creatinine level. The creatinine level today is 791
Ms Berry: And can I see that it is his blood test and not somebody else’s blood test
Dr Lever: This is his address Edward Ellis Ok Alright It’s been around that time.
Ms Berry: He’s just started a lot of activities with the swimming and walking
Mr Ellis: I just swam 36 lengths on Friday
Dr Lever: His Creatinine was 686 in March and now it’s 791. The normal level for someone like Edward would be less than 90
Ms Berry: Yeah but He is very fit for his age, he’s not a very good drinker, he’s been dehydrated because he doesn’t drink very well
Dr Lever: Right ok so this is going to be very helpful What I want to do is I would like to admit Edward to hospital today in order for us to review both the requirements and both how we logistically can start dialysis treatment
Ms Berry: What he would like is an independent second opinion
Dr Lever: So he has been seen by Dr MacDiarMaid-Gordon
Mr Ellis: Please let us cut to the chase on this
Dr Lever: mmm
Mr Ellis: I need to give priority to the next communications for the lord Bishops I will do that tonight.
Ms Berry: Right so he will come back tomorrow
Mr Ellis: What you need to know is there are many Doctors who are subject to Disclosure restraint frauds
Ms Berry: Edward I think we should just walk out of here, we don’t require your services
Dr Lever: But you do require our services
Ms Berry: We don’t
Mr Ellis: Neelu
Dr Lever: I am the clinical lead of kidney services in this Hospital
Ms Berry: But you are outside your remit with the mental health
Dr Lever: No no no no, I know I am, I know I am, absolutely, and I agree with that I agree with that I completely agree with that in terms of the
Ms Berry:  It’s that conflict that you’ve abused and we are not interested in your services
Mr Ellis: No please allow me to conduct
Dr Lever: Allow me to speak please What I am saying is what I would like to do in order to deal with this and as you are quite right I am not a mental health specialist at all And you’ve got no delusion evidence
Mr Ellis: No In which case what are you doing requiring mental services with a delusion deficit
Dr Lever: Because of the fact that you’ve been labelled as having that historically so I would like to
Mr Ellis: Yes and that has been subject to a blackmail criminal investigation
Dr Lever: All I was asking for was
Mr Ellis: No no no, you have taken crime proceeds and said that you want to use them for medical purposes. That’s what you’ve done
Dr Lever: All I’m saying that I would welcome a further assessment by somebody
Mr Ellis: You are not having, you are enforcing a mental health fraud which itself was crime proceeds, that ends.
Dr Lever: I’ve started a new assessment
Mr Ellis: That is not a new assessment
Dr Lever: It’s the first time, I haven’t met you before
Mr Ellis: What you haven’t done is asked for any of the evidence to support my position
Dr Lever: I am asking simply
Mr Ellis: No no It is how they run the frauds is they ignore the evidence of the citizen and just decide..
Dr Lever: Right I’m going to get somebody else in here No we are going

Ms Berry: Edward lets go

Mr Ellis: You cannot be trusted with the process. I have to write the next set of Communications to the lord Bishops tonight


Dr Lever: Can I have somebody else in here please

Mr Ellis: Let me have the written evidence on which you rely

Ms Berry: Edward Edward

Dr Lever: Come back and sit down again

Mr Ellis: No

Ms Berry:  Lets go

Mr Ellis: You are going down for this

Ms Berry: Edward stop it

Irish Doctor: Hi my name is Dr [Irish accent doctor 45 years old 6ft 2″]

I told you they were going to do this to you, Edward, you’re not listening to me

Please allow me to conduct

I am fed up

Irish Doctor: Please stop its just me

We don’t require your services

No I don’t care who you are

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me

You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in to

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me

No because you’re going to lose your job and I don’t want you to.

Stop You can walk with me

Irish Doctor: Just stop and talk to me


Go back to Ireland it’s a lot safer, its a lot safer

If we could have a chat

Come this way please Edward Edward

Go back to Ireland

Irish Doctor: Stop and chat to me

Go back to Ireland

Lets get on a bus, they’re going to try and catch you


19 June 2019 5pm: NHS Assassination at Queens Hospital by Kidney Specialist on Mr Ellis

Live Updates on Imminent Mass Remedies of Equity Monarchy Trusts by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

From Neelu Berry

Dear Friends,

Further to my recommendation to Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis, to link 3 cases (4th case including the death of my sister Sadhana Chaudhari, from denying GcMAF),

These cases collectively deem the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Authority) a Mass Global Terrorist Organisation and a Global Network of Big Pharma Assassins.

I have confirmed this in a phone call I made to the Case Referral Centre within MHRA Enforcement, see attached,

that the MHRA do not have any authority to prosecute Miracle Cancer Cure Manufacturer of GcMAF, David Noakes, whilst its Enforcement Department refused Criminal Liability for the Unlicensed use of Licensed Ranitidine (Trademark Zantac of Glaxo Smith Kline), the overdose of which caused the death of baby Sunaina.  This drug continues to be used outside its licence restriction to this day, 19 years on without remedy.  Hence all NHS deaths will be deemed as the Liability of MHRA unless otherwise proved.

The officer told me to make a complaint to the Coroner, CQC, the Professional bodies and the NHS Trust

I have issued a Criminal Prosecution Notice to MHRA for deaths of Baby Sunaina Chaudhari + her Mother Sadhana Chaudhari + the deaths of 200,000 lives in the UK and millions worldwide for its fraud of Mandating Licensing of an Un-licensable Naturally Occurring Product, GcMAF, an Immunotherapy, like a Vitamin.  Naturally occurring products such as vitamins and minerals are not licensable.  Licensing, Patenting are for synthetic drugs.  This Licensing Mandate Fraud is an Assassination tool in the Monopoly to include only toxic synthetic Patents and exclude safe Immunotherapy, Homeopathy & Naturopathy

Neelu Chaudhari BPharm. Cert.Ed.

2019 05 03 Criminal Prosecution Notice to MHRA for deaths of Baby Sunaina Chaudhari + her Mother Sadhana Chaudhari by Pharmacist Neelu Chaudhari MHRA Edit

  1. Baby Sunaina Case:

The prescribing of ranitidine in a 5 month old baby was outside of the licence of MHRA for use in children over 2 years old.  All 4 doctors who prescribed it, 3 pharmacists who dispensed it and 20 nurses who administered it acted outside of the MHRA licensing and are therefore guilty of her Manslaughter.  The MHRA has ultimate liability for not enforcing the safety of the unlicensed use of a licensed drug, Zantac, in babies under 2 years of age

  1. The case of David Noakes demonstrates the MHRA prosecuting the manufacture, sale and supply of an effective treatment for cancer, which has a known potential to save over 100000 lives per year.  The real determination for the court was whether GcMAF requires licensing in the first place, which it does not because it is a naturally occurring product.
  2. The case of Holistic Naturopath Barbara Bradbury proved a conspiracy between an insurer, media, Professional body, Colleges and the courts to launder the amount of £800,000 without a court hearing to Discredit naturopathy and remove the subject from the University curriculum so as to maintain the Monopoly of Profit led synthetic pharmaceutical drugs regulated by the MHRA over Natural Remedies.
  3. The death of Baby Sunaina’s mother, Sadhana Chaudhari, injected with MRSA Cancer in 2012 at UCL, after being referred by Whipps Cross Hospital Neurologist, Dr Ingle.  The family were advised by Citizen Lee Cant to try GcMAF in June 2018, but were unable to obtain it due to the False Prosecution of David Noakes.  The prosecuting Judge was Notified of this by me, Neelu, in November 2018 but he proceeded with a Sentencing and Conviction, sitting alone,  whilst David Noakes had Withdrawn the Fraud Guilty Plea to his lawyers.

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