Will the real Matt Taylor please stand up!

Over the last few years I’ve been accused of many things. That trend seems to continue unabated.

Take for example a comment by a minion of Chris Spivey, called Nailtown Slim, who accused me of writing this comment below:

Well, thank f_ck you are finally going, you horrible old c_nt of a f_cking useless-to-society f_cking man! ‘Sometime after the f_cking 9th of April’ can’t come f_cking quick enough for me, you vile fat tattooed evil bald dirty looking prick! Of course, you have no f_cking REAL intention of going offline, do you, it’s just a f_cking scam to get the f_cking site fees coming in, you dreadful tw_tting c_nt!!! I do though hope you really do finally, and not before f_cking time, f_ck off offline and spend your little remaining time pursuing other things like f_cking Cancer, Heart Attacks or f_cking Alzheimer’s Disease, you sordid and thoroughly objectionable old evil c_nting tw_t! All your f_cking farticles were utter untrue sh_te anyway! You WON’T be f_cking missed either, as everyone in the UK knew you to be a totally f_cking embarrassing prick who stupidly got himself a criminal record for harassment by being a daft obese prick!!! Looking to read that you have either committed suicide by hanging or poisoning and have very painfully f_cking died sometime after the 9th of April, 2019 or, if possible, as soon as f_cking possible, you really f_cking dreadful bleeding b_stard and rotten fat c_nt!!!!!!! You bone idle lazy fat corrupt bleeder and wankstain of a “man”!!! Just f_ckin’ sayin’ like!!!!! Sincerely,  MI5 Operative.

With the news that the future King of England recently spent 3 weeks with MI5, MI6 and GCHQ; it’s obvious to everyone who this “MI5 Operative” really is.

Prince William’s Farewell Message to Chris Spivey

Howard Crane got it!

William is that you? Just because you’ve spent a little time at GCHQ recently doesn’t mean you can go round calling yourself an MI5 Operative and shouldn’t you be more concerned with Kate finding out about you rogering Rose Hanbury?

Though Nailtown Slim, knows better:


“Matt Taylor, that useless fucking bellend from Brighton.”

Says the bellend who hides his identity beneath a mouse-mask!

Nailtown Slim Profile Pic

“You are a gutless cunt Taylor and need to be sectioned and committed to Broadmoor for the sake of your ex’s and the children’s safety.”

My God; what have I ever done to upset Nailtown Slim? And who is Nailtown Slim anyway?


Perhaps its Barry Phillips from Brighton?

Barry Phillips FB Profile
I will of-course amend this website, if its proved that Barry Phillips, isn’t Nailtown Slim.

After-all; I do believe I may have been wrong associating Jimmy Jones (featured later) with Fireman Sam.


Perhaps Nailtown Slim aka Barry Phillips was offended by my article about Chris Spivey?

Chris Spivey Breaks his Silence on the Hampstead SRA Case

Either way, he got it wrong. I did not write the comment, signed by ‘MI5 Operative,’ and again for the record; when I do comment, my profile foot-print looks like this:


Mr.X is a name given to me by the Sun Newspaper. I would love to provide the link to prove so, but if I did, I’d be thrown in prison for 4 months.

“You have no good qualities to speak of whatsover, where as Chris, a man who’s struggled his bollocks off to make a difference, has many!”

Right OK, Nailtown Slim; I’ll leave you in private to suck Spivey’s cock, to which I’m sure he’ll be grateful!

Chris Spivey is our leader

Mind you; this isn’t the first time I’ve been at the receiving end of Barry’s wrath.


And from one bellend to another.

Jimmy Jones aka The Outlaw
Royden James Jones, who is also known as OutlawJimmy

He wrote this comment to himself on his webshite, (ha ha ha, hang on, while I stop laughing), to which he replied to himself!



If ever I was to post on Jimmy Jones webshite, it would look appear like this:

Will the real Matt Taylor please stand up?

Chris Spivey’s right hand man, Fabooka De Stait has this to say about Jimmy Jones:

“Royden James Jones, who is also known as OutlawJimmy is a 54-year-old registered Community Psychiatric patient with an extensive history of mental illness. Indeed, it is reported widely that on at least one occasion, Jones had to spend time in Broadmoor maximum security hospital for the criminally insane due to the chronic nature of his condition.”

Read more: https://fabookadestait.com/royden-james-jones-outlawjimmy/

To which I wholeheartedly agree.

After-all this isn’t the first time, madman Jimmy Jones has spread misinformation across the Alternative Media.


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As far as I know there are only two Matt Taylor’s active in the Alternative Media. Myself aka Mr.X and Matty Inglis Taylor.

Matty Inglis Taylor and Matt Mr.X Taylor
Both very handsome men!

We look so alike that Matty was accused of being me, to such an extent, he had to differentiate himself, by changing his Facebook name to Matty Inglis Taylor.

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And I really don’t think Matty would waste his precious time commenting on Jimmy Jones webshite!


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