John Wanoa – “I’ve never heard of him.”


Reaction to John Wanoa’s illegal, immoral, unethical and criminal detention from the Truth Movement has been muted to say the least.

We are all familiar with the German Martin Niemöller’s famous quotation;

  • First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
  • Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
  • Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
  • Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

The same applies right now within the Truth Movement;

  • First they came for the Hoaxtead believers and I did not speak out – because I’m too scared to watch anything about Satanic Ritual Abuse.
  • Then they came for the Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis and financial fraud whistleblowers John Paterson, Neelu Berry, Frank McElheron and Lee Chant, and I did not speak out – because I am not part of the Royal Commission into Police, State and Judicial Fraud.
  • Then they came for John Wanoa, and I did not speak out – because I am not part of the King’s Flag and have no idea of what John Wanoa is going on about.
  • Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Why aren’t the Truth Movement Big Hitter’s talking about John Wanoa?

Ian R Crane, (anti-fracking champion and spokesman for David Noakes and Lynda Thyer,) has declined to comment on John Wanoa’s on-going assassination.

The same with Christopher D Spivey… 

The last time I asked Christopher D Spivey for his opinion, he charged me £100 for a single word answer, and or £500 a paragraph.

Read more: Christopher D Spivey breaks his silence on Satanic Ritual Abuse. 

Richard D Hall said this in response to being asked to comment on John Wanoa;

“I’ve never heard of him.”

The pleas for help from anyone in the Truth Movement, from David Icke, to Ian R Crane, Ben Emlyn-Jones, Christoper D Spivey, Richard D Hall, Vinny Eastwood and Piers Morgan, has been met with silence.

“Please contact Andy Devine on or call him direct.  He’s expecting your call and is beside himself trying to get John out and we really need your help.”

To which Richard D Hall replied;

“I don’t work like that.  I don’t get an email then react like batman running from his cave in Gotham City.  If I worked like that I would be like a moron running about spinning plates and them all crashing to the floor.  I get dozens of requests to investigate or expose personal tragedies. All I can do is “make a youtube video” which is what anyone else can do.  I select cases on a strict set of criteria. It MUST be damaging to those running the agenda of cover ups. It MUST have national or global significance.  It MUST have possibility of a damaging outcome for those covering up. I am not some saviour or do gooder.”

Richard D Hall’s Strict Criteria of Action

  • Is it damaging to those running the agenda of cover ups?
  • Yes; the very reason John Wanoa was set to put his plan into action, secret securities on both sides of the world, were forced to conduct illegal kidnaps and mental health frauds on innocent and highly ranked fraud whistleblowers.
  • Is it damaging? 
  • This can bring down the government within 24 hours of implication.
  • Has it got national or global significance?
  • Yes; Moai tidal energy will be captured from across the world, generating a zero carbon, Hydrogen economy, injecting £970 million trillion trillion into the world’s financial economy. 
  • Has it the possibility of a damaging outcome for those covering up?
  • Yes; using the King William IV laws, everyone found guilty of crimes against humanity will be liable to hanging.

So if Richard  Hall isn’t some saviour or do gooder, then who is Richard D Hall?

“I am a one man band, not a corporation.  If you email me a synopsis of the case I will read it in my own time.  email it to”

“I am not some saviour or do gooder.”

If Richard D Hall isn’t some saviour then he must be some bringer of doom, and if he isn’t a do gooder, then he must be doing evil.

What is it with the big hitters in the Truth Movement using their middle initials…


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Time is Running Out for Queen Elizabeth II

John Wanoa
Surrogate King William IV Monarch – John Wanoa

In news you won’t hear on any BBC’s Ten O’Clock bulletin, a Moai King on the other side of the world, is claiming to have dethroned British Queen Elizabeth II, having sacked her as the Trustee of the Queen Victoria Fund, bequeathed to the British and Common-Wealth people by Queen Victoria’s predecessor, King William IV.


While most people will see Moai misspelt, John Wanoa 69, born in New Zealand, claims the Moairi tribes of New Zealand, (made famous with the All Black’s Haka dance at their rugby matches), are a British made-tribe, forcibly introduced into New Zealand In the late 18th Century, to force out the indigenous people.

Surrogate King William IV

Calling himself the Surrogate King William IV Monarch, John Wanoa speaks like a King, though doesn’t necessarily lives like a King, having been forced to sleep in his car, having been denied entry into Britain, deemed a threat to the Queen.

Part of an ever growing subculture called the Truth Movement, King John Wanoa, (as his followers call him,) regularly appears on Facebook and Youtube, broadcasting hour long broadcasts, explaining his plans for global domination and salvation.

“I’ve sacked the Queen.”

Claiming Queen Elizabeth II has abandoned her Kingdom, John Wanoa has issued a Writ of Control and Possession, claiming higher authority over the Queen Bench, by issuing his Writ in the higher authority of the King’s Bench.

D-Day – 29 June 2019

With only 3 days left for Queen Elizabeth II to refute the claims made within his Writ, its predicted a number of his followers with adopt the 8 point star of St Patrick’s Star, giving the holder’s the authority of King’s Sheriff’s, tasked with arresting and detaining Queen Elizabeth II.


The Veterans

Having caused a split within the Truth Movement, 4.8 million veterans of the British Army, represented by the maverick Simon Bean MBE, have decided to align their allegiance with the Queen, accusing the King Bench of John Wanoa, to be a scam and treasonous.

Will John Wanoa save the world?

Leading the fastest growing sector in the Truth Movement, more and more people are joining John Wanoa’s King Bench, as a viable and distinct alternative to the politics of the day.

With disillusionment in our politician’s at an all time high, more and more people are taking an interest in a King from the other side of the world, who is promising to come to the UK and demolish the status quo.

Promising a cash injection of £970 million trillion trillion, a new tidal energy/hydrogen power economy and relying on the Laws of King William IV, John Wanoa envisages a world in which poverty, child-abuse and war, are all things of the past.

Welcome to the Andy Devine Show


Proudly promoting John Wanoa, and a number of other prominent whistle-blowers in the Truth Movement, the Andy Devine Show is becoming the focal point for John’s followers to meet, plan and discuss the on-going adventures of King John.

Broadcasting on Facebook and Youtube, The Andy Devine Show can be found here on Youtube. To learn more about the UK Moai King William IV Party, simply click here.

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“Oh what a night,” says Matt Taylor

At about 11.20am on Friday 16 January 2015, while texting a message to a friend, I heard David Neilson scream, “Matt Matt Matt.”

Realising David was in trouble by the tone and urgency of his voice I ran immediately to where he was at the front entrance hall of 318ab Southcoast Road, Peacehaven.

Upon getting there I witnesses two burly white middle aged men, of whom I can only describe as thugs trying to push their way into the property. The lead thug wearing a red jacket was repeatedly punching David with considerable force to his chest.

Upon evaluating the scene I immediately adopted the Home Office approved Arrest and Restraint technique of ’Get Back-Stand Back.’

With the front door unable to open fully due to a box in the way, I immediately grabbed David and pulled him away from the constant punches which he was suffering. With one hand to steady myself, I used the other hand to push the leading assailant away, all the while shouting at the top of my voice, “Get out, get out, get out.”

The assault and attempted to gain illegal entry into 318a/b Southcoast road, lasting between 10 to 15 seconds.

Visibly shaken up, in shock and fearing for his life, David rung for emergency police assistance at 11.22am.

While both David Neilson and I locked ourselves in to 318ab Southcoast Road to wait for the police officers to call, we were disturbed and distressed the see that once the police officers arrived at about 11.30 am, they proceeded to have lengthy discussions with the two assailants and could be heard laughing with them.

When it was becoming obvious that the police were not going to knock on our door and respond to David’s request for assistance, David opened his kitchen window to beckon a police officer over.

Three police officers were initially invited into the property of 318 ab Southcoast road at approximately 11.45am.

Upon entering now attempt was made to take our statement and both David and I were arrested for affray.

We were taken in separate vehicles to the detention centre in Eastbourne.

Arriving there about 1.30pm and after being processed, I was detained in a police cell until 00.07 the next day, upon which I was interviewed under caution, suspected of causing affray by attacking the assailants with a claw hammer. It was also alleged that David had attacked the assailants with an axe.

We were released soon after the interview and returned to 318 ab Southcoast road at 1.20am Saturday 17 January. (£30 taxi fee)

Upon entering the flat, I discovered my camcorder which had recorded our initial arrest had been removed by the police. (They were the only party who had keys to the property.)


This was the second attempted murder against David Neilson. A blatant attempt to silence and shut down my election campaign to become the Independent Candidate for Brighton Kemptown.

David Joe Neilson beaten and left for dead
Vote for Matt Taylor
Vote for Independence on Independence Day 7th May


Mr. David Neilson, “Its a Trap.”

Lloyd Russell-Moyle named in Murder Cover-up

Matt Taylor – M.I.5 Operative Exposed

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, “Conspiracy Rubbish”

Lloyd Russell- Moyle, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP named in Elderly Abuse Scandal

Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

a personal opinion of a particular individual – “I’m furious with Sussex Police”

Low Morale in Sussex Police

New Evidence in the 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder

Celebrating 50 years of Sussex Police

Sussex Police are wide open to Organised Crime Blackmail and Extortion

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Lloyd Russell-Moyle named in Murder Cover-up

Mr. David Neilson says that Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP is covering up for the killers of Katrina Taylor and major corruption within Sussex Police.

Mr. David Neilson asks the question, “Who is telling him to cover up a murder and all the crimes related to Marcel Sulc aka Mark Slade plus Lewes District council Corruption linked to Sussex Police Corruption?”

What has he to hide?

Members of Pavilion Labour are actively campaigning to expose Sussex Police Corruption concerning the murder of Jay Abatan 20 year cover up by Sussex Police.

But yet do nothing for Katrina Taylor. Where is the justice for Katrina Taylor?

Bad Boy Lloyd Russell-Moyle


Lloyd Russell-Moyle, “Conspiracy Rubbish”

Lloyd Russell- Moyle, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP named in Elderly Abuse Scandal

Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

Collusion to Corrupt the Course of Democracy Confirmed in Brighton Kemptown 2017 General Election

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Lloyd Russell-Moyle, “Conspiracy Rubbish”

I could have, at best won the Brighton Kemptown 2015 General Election and at worse, enabled Labour’s candidate Nancy Platts to win the 2015 Brighton Kemptown election.

Either way, Lloyd Russell-Moyle wouldn’t be Brighton Kemptown MP today if my 2015 election campaign wasn’t sabotaged by thugs, working in league with Sussex Police.

Allow me to explain:

I got 69 votes on Independence Day – 7th of May 2015. That’s 69 votes, achieved without any leaflets being sent out to the 90,000 constituents in Brighton Kemptown.

That’s 69 votes without knocking on any doors, without being invited to any Argus Newspaper hustings and without any publicity by the Argus Newspaper.

I was the invisible candidate in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 General election, but yet I still got 69 votes.

  • Now just imagine how many votes I would have got if one of my leaflets was posted through 90,000 doors across Mouslecoomb, Bevendean, Kemptown, Saltdean and Peacehaven?
  • How many votes would I have got if I was given the same level of publicity that the Argus newspaper gave the other candidates?
  • How many votes would I have got if I was allowed to participate in the Argus sponsored Hustings, which all the other candidates were invited to participate in?
  • How many votes would I have got if my campaign office wasn’t attacked on the 15 January 2015?
  • How many votes would I have got if my election office wasn’t visited on a daily basis by the thugs who attacked us on the 15 January 2015?

The answer would be more than 690 votes; which just so happened to be the number of votes, Simon Kirby MP got more than Nancy Platts.

Brighton Kemptown 2015 Election Results

If my election office wasn’t sabotaged by thugs in association with Sussex police on the 15 January 2015, at best I could have won the election and at worse, Nancy Platts would have won the election.

Nancy Platts would have won the election and would have ran again in 2017, following Theresa may’s disastrous decision to call a snap general election.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle would never have been MP for Brighton Kemptown.

In fact it would be fair to say that Nancy Platts would have won the 2017 Brighton Kemptown election, without any collusion by the Green Party and the UKIP Party, to meddle in Democracy.

Collusion to Corrupt the Course of Democracy Confirmed in Brighton Kemptown 2017 General Election


Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP named in Elderly Abuse Scandal

Lloyd Russell- Moyle, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

Collusion to Corrupt the Course of Democracy Confirmed in Brighton Kemptown 2017 General Election

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Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP named in Elderly Abuse Scandal

“Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP Elder Disabled Abuse

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP involved and working with Keith Hinkley in covering up Organized, Orchestrated Elderly & Disabled Abuse of his constituent David Neilson South Coast Road Peacehaven BN10 7EL (who is now homeless this man is a Fibromyalgia suffer is very ill and needs medical care) 
Mr. Neilson is a long term victim of abuse intimidation harassment threats assaults “and he has have to leave his home of over 40 years He is the member of the public who solved the murder of Katrina Taylor

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP knows this and is covering up for the Killers of Katrina Taylor. He will not meet the family or hold a public meeting so he can be questioned as to why he is covering up the murder and Sussex Police involvement in the cover up. Plus the attempted murder of David Neilson.”


Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

The luckiest and most unluckiest MP in Parliament, bad-boy Lloyd Russell-Moyles stands accused by 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder witness, David Neilson, to be actively covering up the elderly abuse being inflicted upon him by Sussex Police, since he uncovered an organised crime syndicate operating from within Sussex police, lead by Crime Lord Mark Slade, aka Marcel Sulc.

New Evidence in the 1996 Katrina Taylor Murder

The luckiest MP in Parliament because his Brighton Kemptown constituency was given to him free on a plate, when in 2017 both the UKIP and Green Parties conspired with the Labour Party to not field candidates, effectively guaranteeing whatever candidate chosen, would win the election. Lloyd Russell-Moyle was lucky enough to be that candidate. He confesses to not have known about the secret deal between Labour and the Green Party, even before he was selected.

The unluckiest MP in Parliament because he’s HIV Positive.

The Bad-Boy of Parliament because he famously stole Parliament’s mace, to which Sir Andrew Bowden called it “a cheap political stunt,” while the person who runs this website, called him a “cunt.”




Theresa May – British Politics in Mayhem

Will Theresa May last until Monday?

We Love you Theresa May – Its been emotional

Theresa May, The Dancing Queen

We may as well let Matt Taylor be Prime Minister, he can’t do a worse job than you!
Investigating the stories which the mainstream media dare not investigate