“Devil is alive,” says Pope Francis

“The devil is alive and well and working overtime to undermine the Roman Catholic Church”, according to Pope Francis.

While police forces in Great Britain claim Satanism is an urban myth, Pope Francis said that Satan is to blame for the sexual abuse crisis and has asked Catholics around the world to recite a special prayer every day in October to try to beat him back.

“(The Church must be) saved from the attacks of the malign one, the great accuser and at the same time be made ever more aware of its guilt, its mistakes, and abuses committed in the present and the past,” Pope Francis said in a message on September 29.


Since Pope Francis was elected in 2013, he has made clear that he believes the devil to be real.

“We should not think of the devil as a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea. This mistake would lead us to let down our guard, to grow careless and end up more vulnerable,” he wrote in a published document.

Pope Francis is so convinced that Satan is ultimately to blame for both the sexual abuse scandals and the divisions within the Church that he has enlisted the aid of St Michael the Archangel. Michael is mentioned several times in the Bible as the leader of the angels who ousted Lucifer, the fallen angel, from paradise.

According to Pope Francis, Satan is – ‘The Great Accuser’ 

Pope Francis confirms Child Sacrifice is real

Discarded as a hoax and nothing more than public hysteria by the police, media and judiciary; satanic ritual sacrifice of children has been confirmed by the Pope, he said, “I am reminded of the cruel religious practice, once widespread in certain cultures, of sacrificing human beings, frequently children, in pagan rites.”

Vowing to tackle every single case of sexual abuse by priests, and comparing paedophilia to “human sacrifice”, Pope Francis is facing a crisis within the Vatican which has the potential to bring the Roman Catholic Church to it’s knees

The sexual abuse of minors was “a widespread phenomenon in all cultures and societies”, he said, as he denounced priests who prey on children as “tools of Satan”. Children must be “protected from ravenous wolves. We stand face to face with the mystery of evil,” he said.


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