What is it about using your middle name’s initial?

What is it about the big hitters in the Alternative Media/Truth Movement, who use their middle name initial, having the biggest egos?


Come on let’s be honest. I remember at school, thinking that the kids who used their middle name initials were a bit self centered and egotistical.

Am I right, or am I right?

Please leave your comment in the comment section at the end of this page. Share your own experiences of people who use their middle name’s initial and their corresponding egos. Is there a link? Or is it just my vivid imagination?

Take for example;

  • Ian R Crane
  • Christopher D Spivey
  • Richard D Hall

I caught Ian R Crane out at AV5 in 2014, when he spun the events of the Greg Nikolettos arrest, to match his own made up narrative, of what led up to Greg’s committal to a mental hospital for the next 28 days.

Perhaps Ian R Crane can tell us what really happened at AV5, and what his response is to Thomas Sheridan’s claim that a secret sonic ray weapon was used against the participants of the conference?

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If such a weapon was used against us, and Crane knew about it, then I demand my money back (plus damages, costs and compensation)

Ian R Crane hasn’t yet commented on Andy Devine and John Wanoa. Why doesn’t he want to get involved, when David Noakes and Lynda Thyer are regular guests on the Andy Devine Show?

Its time we unite

I bet Ian won’t get involved, because his ego will be bruised, having to share the lime light of saving / changing the world, with a man from down-under. (Whose name ends with Wanoa!)

The same applies for Christopher D Spivey. Another overblown ego, bursting at its seams, about to blow, splattering shit over us all.


Spivey is a coward who doesn’t defend himself against anything said against him. He leaves it to his minions to bully, ridicule and harass those you dare to ask questions of him.

More on Spivey from Mr.X

He commands an army of loyal supporters, who are only in his favour, if they never show criticism and continue to pay for his blog / dog bills.

When is he going to comment on Andy Devine and John Wanoa?

Judging the time he took to comment on the biggest scandal in Truth Movement history, (namely the Hampstead SRA case,) where he dismissed the kids testimony because they “didn’t look too traumatized,” charging £50 per word response and £500 for paragraph response; I expect he’ll finally comment on John Wanoa sometime in 2030.

I often leave him polite messages on his blog, that never get published.

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Again just like the other blokes who use their middle initials, their ego’s won’t allow them to share the stage of saving / changing the world.

Onto Richard D Hall. He likes to keep it all close to his chest. I’ve asked Richard enough times to comment on John Wanoa, but like the rest of the blokes who use their middle name initial, their ego’s get in the way of a polite answer.


I’m still waiting for an answer…

What is it with these blokes, their middle names and their egos?


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