Confirmation from Veritas that I am a victim of crime.


The following information has been published for the purposes of defending myself in the forth-coming Dearman v’s Taylor harassment case.

The evidence of my email exchange with Veritas Justice, is to be used as evidence in my defense.

Email sent to Veritas Justice on Saturday 09/03/2019 @ 13:49hrs

Dear Veritas Justice;

I have no one else to turn to and really need your professional help, advice and opinion.

I feel as if I’m being continually harassed and stalked by the readership of Hoaxtead Research; a blog run by a person I know to be Karen Irving.

I was accused myself of stalking and harassment in 2017; and while no criminal charges were brought against me; I was found guilty of harassment and stalking in a civil court.

As far as I was concerned, it was the end of the matter.

But since then my name and reputation has been dragged through the mud by members of the Hoaxtead Research community.

The link below chronicles some of the abusive comments written about myself:

I suffer from extreme anxiety due to the events over the last two years, and I feel further victimized that I’ve been further threatened with arrest by police, for offences which I haven’t been found liable of committing.

I am being constantly stalked by members of the Hoaxtead Research readership, and I cannot post anything on my personal Facebook page, without it being further published on the Hoaxtead Research website.

As my blog below chronicles.

My anxiety is further agitated due to the break in at my property on the 13 October 2018, which Sussex police have not investigated.

Messages from the Hoaxtead Research community imply that a listening device has been planted in my bedroom; as you can imagine this is causing me great fear, alarm and distress.

I’ve chronicled it here:

Would you be so kind to have a look at the comments, and determine whether I am a victim of harassment and stalking?

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,Matthew Taylor

Email from Veritas dated 14 March 2019

From: Veritas Info <>
Sent: 14 March 2019 12:12
To: Matthew Taylor
Subject: Re: Am I a victim of harassment and stalking? Dear Matthew:

Thank you for your e-mail, I am sorry to hear of your situation, I have had a look at the links attached in your e-mail and I would suggest that this fits more appropriately into the malicious communications legislation rather than Stalking, so I would really encourage you to report it to the police as trolling.

However If you feel that your experiences are of group or gang stalking you may be able to find relevant support or advice from Paladin Service or National Stalking Helpline

Unfortunately at the moment we do not have the expertise or experience to support victims of this very specific type of stalking, I am sorry I am unable to offer you a more comprehensive response, however I hope that by contacting the national organisations mentioned above they will be able to offer the relevant advise.

Thanks for contacting us.

Best Wishes

Veritas Team

Office hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pmTel: 07736 149960 or 07736 149940

Three Youtube Videos that sum up my year 2019…

Having the Police round threatening to smash down my door!

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Having my livelihood stolen by Sussex police.

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Reminded everyday in the news, that our nation is being rule by dirty perverted criminals.

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Matt Taylor is set to be cleared of all harassment charges

Arrested for harassing alleged alien satanic cult leader, Mr Snake, ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor is set to be cleared of all charges, after a three month investigation by the satanic alien arm of Sussex police.

Extracts from John Hoath’s emails


Social media gang stalking cover-up for paedophiles exposed

Featuring Hopegirl



“I agree with Hoaxtead.”

Mel Ve

On the 24th October 2019, the first of a two part feature titled HOAX, that I produced, premiered on the Hoaxstead Research collective media platform. This is an in-depth investigative report formatted as a presentation and dialogue between myself, and Karen Irving, also known as El Coyote, the founder of the Hoaxstead Research blog and You Tube Channel.

The HOAX I refer to in this context pertains to the FALSE CLAIMS made by two young children, who were coached by their Mother Ella Draper, and their Mother’s boyfriend at the time, Abraham Christie, into participating in a HOAX, which made lurid and false claims about the biological father of the two children, including that he was part of a group of people centred around Christchurch School in Hampstead, who raped selected school kids, ate babies, and participated in blood drinking rituals as part of a Satanic cult, which was alleged to operate at the local church, as well as the aforementioned school.

The two siblings claimed that they were repeatedly Satanically Ritually Abused by their father, teachers and other parents of children at Christchurch School. None of the other people who were named by the children as victims or perpetrators of these acts of Satanic Ritual Abuse, have ever come forward to verify these claims.

In fact, during the court case of Sabine Mc Neil, many of those who had been caught up in this HOAX, and who’s lives were destroyed as a result, gave clear testimony that there is no basis to this story, and that it is indeed a HOAX. Sabine Mc Neil is presently serving a 4 year jail sentence for promoting, publishing and distributing information contributing to this HOAX.

The topic of Ritual Abuse, in particular, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), has become a hot and controversial topic. With the rise of online culture, information (and disinformation) has never been easier to disseminate and access. The topic of Ritual Abuse has triggered mass movements of people, fuelled by by so called gurus of truth such as David Icke, and his followers, who seize upon this so called “truth” like a new found religion, to the point of violently attacking anybody who may bring an alternative view, citing them as being a “disinformationist” or part of the “dark agenda”.

It was in 2009, the year I turned 33, that I properly woke up. This was the year that I started Freedom Central, and went on to work with some of the biggest names in the “Truth Movement”. In September 2009, I got the opportunity to interview David Icke for the first time in Amsterdam, and the second time in November 2009 in Zurich. This was the year we gave up everything and took to a camper van, moving from one conference to the next, gathering interviews, and uploading them at coffee shops that had free internet, whilst making documentaries and writing books.

It was also in 2009 that I became an activist as a result of all the information that I came across, a move which has put me in danger at times, and cost me everything, including my health, my family, childhood friends, and my home on more than one occasion. Many have asked me over the years, how I have managed to keep going, and my answer always has been that we have to create a better world for everybody, as we simply cannot hope to enjoy a free, fair, just, sustainable world, unless that is a realistic expectation for everybody, which means, we do what we do to create a better world for us all, and indeed, that comes with sacrifices. One of the many actions taken was to start a live broadcasting online TV network called Conscious Consumer Network, which gave us the opportunity to work with a number of so-called disseminators of information from various backgrounds.

Hoaxtead You Have my Full Attention