Wilfred Wong Communicates Directly from HMP Berwyn.

Published on Facebook by Ved Chaudhari, a leading campaigner against Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) cover-ups, we hear from Wilfted Wong, the man at the centre of the SRA child rescue story.

Wong said, “I am fine. use my case to publicise the reality of SRA and the corruption of social services in removing children from protective loving parents and giving them to parents who do SRA or CSA to them. my case can be used to expose these evils.”

Wilfred Wong



BREAKING NEWS: Robert Frith Found Dead in Prison.


Robert Frith, (One of the Wilfred Wong Six) Dies in Prison.

New Details Emerge in the Wilfred Wong Kidnap/Rescue Story

SRA Wilfred Wong – It was a ‘Rescue’ not a ‘Kidnap’!

SRA Expert Wilfred Wong Arrested for Child Kidnap

BREAKING NEWS: Robert Frith, (One of the Wilfred Wong Six) Dies in Prison.

The developing story of the eight-year-old child kidnap/rescue, has taken on a sinister turn of events, with the breaking news that one of the six arrested, former psychiatric nurse, Robert Frith 65, of Tyne Parc, Holyhead, Wales, has been found dead at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham on Saturday 15 November 2020.

Charged in connection with the alleged kidnapping of a child, alongside Jane Claire Going-Hill, 59, Anke Hill, 50, Edward Stevenson, 68, Janet Stevenson, 66 and Wilfred Wong, 55, Robert Frith is said to have died in custody on 14 November. 

Wilfred Wong


New Details Emerge in the Wilfred Wong Kidnap/Rescue Story.

:Andrew :Devine & Angela Power-Disney

Citizen journalists :Andrew :Devine and Angela Power-Disney have shed new light on the developing Wilfred Wong kidnap/rescue story.

A close friend to the German mother of the child at the centre of this story, it’s been revealed that the father is alleged to have committed sexual acts upon the child,( together which other men), which ultimately lead to the child being taken into foster care and a police investigation started.

 A veterinarian by trade, the mother was said to have fallen in love with the unnamed father and had a child. It’s alleged the father turned out to be “not so good,” and consequently the marriage fell apart.

In a detailed email sent to :Andre :Devine, the father was said to have maintained regular contact with the child, but over time the child became more and more withdrawn, until one day he said he didn’t want to see him anymore.

“Uncomfortable and embarrassed,” the child disclosed the alleged sexual abuse he received from his father and other unnamed men.


SRA Expert Wilfred Wong Arrested for Child Kidnap

The UK’s Truth Movement is reeling from the news that top Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) expert Wilfred Wong (55), has himself been arrested and remanded in custody, for kidnapping an 8-year-old child at knife-point.

A regular guest on such shows with leading police whistleblower Jon Wedger, UK Column News, Brian Gerrish and ex Drug’s Kingpin turned successful Youtuber, Shaun Attwood; Wong was arrested 230 miles away from Anglesey North Wales, after a Northamptonshire Armed Response Vehicle team cornered his silver Citroen Picasso car on the M1 near the Newport Pagnell junction.

The unnamed 8-year-old was returned “safe and unharmed,” hours after the alleged kidnapping. 

Five other men and women have since been charged with kidnap, while Wong alone has been charged with possessing a knife.


‘The Sussex Devils’: A New Investigation of the 1980s Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic.

Subscribe to Marc Heal’s Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgwK9GLa5VQGqfARwAEdreA

In “The Sussex Devils,” musician and author Marc Heal investigates the Satanic Ritual Abuse panic that swept the UK in the 1980s, the trial of Derry Mainwaring Knight, and his own childhood memories

Ultraculture friends Grant & Kristan Morrison sent along information about Marc Heal’s new book “The Sussex Devils,” a personal investigation of the “Satanic ritual abuse” hysteria that swept the UK (and America) in the 1980s. It’s a harrowing investigation of how much the boogeyman of Satanic ritual abuse gripped the minds of a nation, interwoven with the author’s own childhood memories. The book centers around the trial of Derry Mainwaring Knight, a man who publicly claimed that he was a high-ranking member of a “Satanic cult” that was operating at the highest levels of British society, allegedly engaged in covert, Satanic ritual abuse with heads of state.

I won’t mention the group that Knight attacked, but I assure you, it’s one that will likely be quite familiar to readers of Ultraculture. Knight raised over $1.5 million (adjusted for USD and today’s rates) from local gentry to subvert the group from within and destroy their regalia. Knight was later pilloried as a con-man, including by publications like People (link here).

In The Sussex Devils, Heal (a musician and DJ whose confrontational band Cubanate toured with Gary Numan, The Sisters of Mercy and Front 242) revisits this dark period of history and the Satanic ritual abuse panic, investigating the psychic undercurrents of society, the mass hysteria of crowds, and how the case overlapped with his own childhood.

READ MORE: ultraculture.org/blog/2014/12/16/satanic-ritual-abuse-sussex-devils/

Hampstead SRA Case! Who do you believe?

Dedicated to keeping the Hampstead case in the headlines; Hoaxtead Research continue their obsession, by peddling the hoax that the Hampstead whistle-blowing children, Jack and Jill, were brainwashed, coached and beaten, to recount their horrific recollections of satanic ritual abuse, at the hands of their satanic cult leader father, Voldemort.

With two sides of the story available to everyone to hear; its now boiled down to whether you believe either Angela Disney-Power of Karen Irving.

The Hampstead Case according to Angela Disney-Power

The Hampstead Case according to Karen Irving

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