Matt Taylor reported to Social Services.

Embattled Matt Taylor, dubbed the Brighton Beast by The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club (aka the reincarnation of the discredited Hoaxtead Research community), has been referred to the Social Services, for reasons as of yet unknown.


Matt Taylor banned from supervising his own children.

In a year where Matt Taylor was banned from mentioning a particular individual, banned from standing in local elections, sabotaged from standing in the Christmas 2019 General Election and, most recently, banned from posting comments on the on-line Brighton and Hove News; Taylor has now been banned from unsupervised contact with his own children.

In leaked text messages from the mother of Taylor’s two children, identified only as Ms.K, a recent referral by Sussex police to Social Services, appears to be the basis for Ms.K’s decision not to allow Taylor unsupervised contact with his own children.

Ms.K wrote in two text messages, sent between 22:24-22:26 hrs on 27 November 2019:

“Since that letter from Social Services has confirmed my concerns about the kids staying with you.”

“You need to clean the place up, make it safe and clean and uncluttered, and clear the garden. Sort yourself out, get a job. U can still see the kids but I don’t want them going to your place until I know they will be OK, and you are in a sensible calm frame of mind.”

Taylor replied, “FU.”


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No Action against Matt Taylor by Social Services

No further action will be taken against Matt Taylor by Brighton Social Services, following a “vague” referral by Sussex police.

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Carol Woods Whistle-blower Up-date


:Andy :Devine is live with the Affidavit of Whistleblower, Carol Woods, being held hostage as a political prisoner at the Orchard Mental Health Secure Unit in Lancaster (1) despite Care Quality Commission Inspectors finding failing rock bottom standards of Health & Community Care, illegal admissions and incompetent staff (2).

It all began when in 2000-2001, Carol, as an honourable Child Protection Officer, exposed Terrorism, theft of land, forced evictions, forced demolitions, forced homelessness and release of dangerous children from a childrens prison into the community by Lancashire County Council on a massive scale to re-use 134 acres of land at postcode FY2 0BE (3) for a Super Casino for Nefarious purposes under Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to be built outside of law and without proper planning and development applications and procedures (4)

Westmoreland House, The Dales Prison, 3 large homes for dangerous children, a farm, a college and private homes were cleared illegally and prematurely causing despair and deaths in the community.

It resulted in the murder of a 62 year old woman, Sheila Bridge, and criminal prosecutions of 6 children from the prison.  (3)

Cheri Blair was hired by Lancashire County Council to back-date the applications to deny liability for the Community Terrorism.  Carol’s whistleblowing led to the plans for the Super Casino being scrapped (5).

Carol was removed from her job, her beautiful home vandalised  and the £500,000 home was stolen by agents of the Criminal Networks, leaving Carol homeless.

Carol was subjected to Mental Health frauds, kidnaps, being held hostage as a political prisoner in Police cells and mental health secure units by impostor psychiatrists and impostor Mental Health nurses on 6 occasions, the latest on 3rd Sept 2019 without cause, to discredit her witness evidence of corruption and Masonic control of all public services in Lancashire.

There also appears to be secret research and training going on linked to the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire Royal Infirmary, St Martin’s College and University of Cumbria to target and disappear whistleblowers.

Carol was distraught when she made contact with the outside world, by pure chance, by internet, without which Carol fears, her life may have ended from sheer terrorism of being awoken by 4 men wearing Police Uniforms with a Battering ram and without any court documents, to be taken straight to the Mental Health Secure Unit on the 3rd September 2019.  The staff have denied all basic human rights to Carol under strict instructions from “higher up” the masonic structure of the Catholic Church in Lancashire.

The BBC was involved in promoting and unofficial public relations of the a repeat of the theft from the Public Purse from 2001 again in June 2019 in a re-run of the Super Casino land grab by Lancashire Council under Prime Minister, Tony Blair, overturned by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

An Ian Young, who has held numerous top jobs in the Lancashire Police and the County Council since the earlier Super Casino plans, is the Responsible Authority for Carol Woods’ most recent incarceration.

She has been left in fear of being forcibly injected with anti-psychotics at the whim of multiple impostors, who blackmailed Carol a few days ago that if she did not agree to take oral anti-psychotics, she would be forcibly injected.  Carol has not had any mental health assessment and there was no referral or incident to trigger the imposters except the new round of the Super Casino being launched.

There are links to a Stepping Stones Nigeria Charity to launder money generated from the Super Casino.

The Orchard, Pathfinders Drive, Lancaster, LA1 4JJ Tel No: 00441524 550558

Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

Children in court over OAP death 3 July 2001
11th September 2001
Manslaughter charges dropped

(4) Wednesday, 9 May 2007, 14:02 GMT 15:02 UK
Blair supports two super-casinos

12 July 2007
The Manchester super-casino looks likely to remain an artist’s concept
By Ben Quinn and Graeme Wilson
Brown U-turn over plan for supercasino
Last updated at 12:11 12 July 2007
12 Jul 2007 – Gordon Brown yesterday tore up Blairite plans for a supercasino based …
12 Jul 2007 – Brown kills off Blair’s supercasino plans
New British Prime Minister scraps super casino plans

What Happened to the Super Casinos? 15 Nov 2016 November 15, 2016 TOMAS

VIVA LANCS VEGAS Blackpool could receive Britain’s first super-casino to turn it into Lancashire’s very own Las Vegas
Steve Hawkes, Deputy Political Editor
28 Jun 2019, 22:00
Blackpool could turn into Las Vegas with Britain’s first super-casino
Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry Taking Punt on Blackpool Super Casino
Hopes raised once more for Blackpool mega-casino
Minister aims to revive Blackpool’s super casino bid
02 July 2019

Mr. David Neilson, “Its a Trap.”

Sussex police have been warning the public to be alert to elderly abuse for many years, but who is coming to the rescue of OAP David Neilson, who finds himself too scared to return to his home in Peacehaven, fearing he will be killed by Sussex police?

With the BBC ‘In the Line of Duty’, attracting more viewers than any other TV program in 2019, the threat of police corruption is very real, and remains a clear and present danger to the residents of Sussex.

Fearing for his life, government organisations, including the Social Services, are alleged to be colluding to starve the scared and frightened OAP out of hiding and into their clutches.

As this letter dated the 9 July 2018, from Adult Social Care reveals;

“Please contact us on the number in this letter to discuss this matter. your Direct Payment account will remain closed to you until contact is made and a review undertaken.

Yours sincerely,
Christopher Jones
Social Worker”


The warning is stark: “if you’re not available for this interview your benefit payments will stop.”

Having fled his home in May 2015, following an attack against himself, at which, if I didn’t come to his rescue, he believes he would have been killed.

This is the same attack, that having called Sussex police for an emergency response, both Mr Neilson and myself, (while a independent parliamentary candidate for Brighon Kemptown at the time), were arrested for assaulting the very thugs who tried to kill Mr. Neilson.

Fury over arrest after election office attacked
Fury over arrest after election office attacked

READ MORE: Lloyd Russell-Moyle, “Conspiracy Rubbish”

Mr. Neilson fled Sussex and has been too scared to return home, fearing that if he did, Sussex police would kill him.

Let that stink in….. A frightened, scared and abused OAP too scared to return to his home, at which he’s lived for the past 70 years, because he fears he’d be killed, by the very police force, tasked with serving and protecting him.


Stopping his pension payments, Social Services are starving him out of hiding.

God knows how Mr. Neilson is surviving?

Who can he turn to? He turned to his local MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle who replied in no uncertain terms that, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

READ MORE: Lloyd Russell- Moyle, “I will not support you in continuing to pursue these issues.”

Who can Mr. Neilson turn to in his hour of need?

He writes in his email to me, “It is a trap.”

“This is the hot one. They try to get me to go to Newhaven for interview.

They know I am an OAP and I claiming anything.

I googled and found this interview is for people claiming social payments, but I found people had gone to these interviews and were arrested.

They stopped my payments to starve me out.”

Who can David Neilson turn to for help, when he believes the very people tasked to protect him, are out to kill him?

This is not a JOKE. This is not FAKE NEWS.

A scared, frightened and petrified OAP is languishing somewhere is Britain, with no food, starving to death, denied his rightful pension, too scared to return home because he fears he will be killed.


The last time Mr. Neilson called for help, Sussex police arrested him instead of the attackers who nearly killed him.



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Lloyd Russell-Moyles has got my job!

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