Hoaxtead Trolls Sabotage Moai Tidal Energy Share Sale

Hoaxtead Research Trolls have sabotaged the hydrogen based Moai Tidal Energy Share Sale, by complaining to Transferwise; falsely claiming that the Moai Tidal Energy Share is a fraud.



Veritas Justice, a national organization, experts in the field of harassment, stalking and trolling, have confirmed the blogs by Hoaxtead Research are classed as trolling; in violation of the Malicious communication Act.


This is proof that Hoaxtead Research are trolls.

They are trolling.


The Hoaxtead Research Mission Statement


So when did the Hoaxtead crew take it on to themselves to start trolling a pensioner from New Zealand who only wants to make our world a better place.


Since when did the Hoaxtead crew move from defending the Hoaxtead satanic cover-up, to poking their nose into the financial affairs of a pensioner from New Zealand.


Confessions of a Satanist

Read if you dare; this disturbing confessional by a self declared satanists, justifying his worship of Satan

Name: Satanic Views

Posted on 06/03/2019 at 9:23 am on the Hoaxtead Research website.

“Hi, this is my position as a Satanist on this…

What an individual believes, what is inside their head, their opinions, fantasies, delusions, beliefs and thoughts is no crime, nor is it of any concern to others.

One separates thought from deed. If an individual believes [someone] is leader of a cult, that school children in Hampstead dance around human skulls, that the people of Hampstead eat babies. The beliefs are neither a crime nor does it matter. If the individual acts upon these thoughts and does harm to another, then it matters, then it becomes a concern.

The core of all legal systems are torts that protect the individual in such things as their person, their property, their privacy, their family, their liberty of movement, their reputation etc. The torts form a social contract between individuals and their State, and applies to everyone, regardless if they are citizen or visitor within the borders of that State. There are enforcers of the Social Contract including police and judges who enforce the Contract, and thus there is no conspiracy or surprise to be had when the individual believing some fantasy acts to do harm to another person, is arrested by the police, and jailed by the judges.

As a Satanist I am upset and angry at the pain and suffering inflicted on [a protected witness], his children and the people of Hampstead by the believers of fictions, who are acting on those fictions. I stay within the law, I do not react by denying the fiction believers the rights given by the common law torts of the Social Contract.

I believe in eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth; treating and doing others as they would do to others and to me. These are beliefs I have, they push me to a potential position that I would act upon under certain circumstances. Satanism is my tribe, the families, children and individuals that make up my tribe I have a deep emotional connection to, thus it no longer is just a belief, but an emotional bond, that would cause me to act against people who do harm to my tribe, which I see as harm to me.

The following is not a threat, no Satan Hunter is going to be harmed, because they have not done harm to any Satanist families or children, but it is worth putting this on public record what would have happened if this had been the case…

Had anyone that the Satan Hunters had harmed been Satanist families and children, my tribe, I would have become radicalized, and I would have caused others of my tribe to become radicalized. Knowing as I do the depth that Satan Hunters would plunge to, the relentless nature of their pursuit of their beliefs in deed regardless of law, reason or empathy, I would have become violent, and I would have done harm to the Satan Hunters, I would not have cared if I had gone to prison. Its a difficult thing to admit, but that’s how it would have been for me.”

Confessions of a Satanist Part Two

Watch if you dare this disturbing video in which a satanic troll from the Hoaxtead Research community, actually masturbates underneath his bed quilt, while recounting deeply disturbing scenes from a satanic ritual child sacrifice, and then shakes his head in uncontrolled release as he ejaculates.


This is the vile satanic troll who accuses me of being a paedophile.



This is the third, fourth, fifth and sixth time, Sussex Police have tried to stitch me up.

As what happened to a friend from school, a person can plead guilty, while not being guilty.


“Paul reasons for pleading guilty had nothing to do with guilt.”


And last but not least, we learn that the real billionaire Harald Link from Thailand was aware that fraudsters were using his identify to snare dumdum’s, but choose to remain silent and allow the frauds to continue.

Very Grimm Indeed.

A big Shout-Out to Andy Grimwood, who’s name springs to mind.





Matt Taylor wins the war against Hoaxtead Research

Matt Taylor wins the war against the Silly Satanic Saxons!

Matt Taylor wins the war against Hoaxtead Research



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Matt Taylor wins the war against Hoaxtead Research
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