Prince William’s Farewell Message to Chris Spivey

Having finished a three week placement, learning the ins and outs of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, Prince William has left Chris Spivey a personal message, following the news his blog is being shut down.

Well, thank f_ck you are finally going, you horrible old c_nt of a f_cking useless-to-society f_cking man! ‘Sometime after the f_cking 9th of April’ can’t come f_cking quick enough for me, you vile fat tattooed evil bald dirty looking prick! Of course, you have no f_cking REAL intention of going offline, do you, it’s just a f_cking scam to get the f_cking site fees coming in, you dreadful tw_tting c_nt!!! I do though hope you really do finally, and not before f_cking time, f_ck off offline and spend your little remaining time pursuing other things like f_cking Cancer, Heart Attacks or f_cking Alzheimer’s Disease, you sordid and thoroughly objectionable old evil c_nting tw_t! All your f_cking farticles were utter untrue sh_te anyway! You WON’T be f_cking missed either, as everyone in the UK knew you to be a totally f_cking embarrassing prick who stupidly got himself a criminal record for harassment by being a daft obese prick!!! Looking to read that you have either committed suicide by hanging or poisoning and have very painfully f_cking died sometime after the 9th of April, 2019 or, if possible, as soon as f_cking possible, you really f_cking dreadful bleeding b_stard and rotten fat c_nt!!!!!!! You bone idle lazy fat corrupt bleeder and wankstain of a “man”!!! Just f_ckin’ sayin’ like!!!!! Sincerely,  MI5 Operative.

Site Closure by Christopher D Spivey

Is it any wonder Prince William would break cover and leave Chris Spivey a personal message? Perhaps not; once you’ve read what Spivey has written about his family, especially his mother, father and grand-mother!

After taking the last three weeks to carefully consider my position I have come to the decision that I have no other choice but to close this website.

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