Matt Taylor’s Reign of Terror is Over

Master stalker and insidious troll, Matt Taylor’s reign of terror has come to an end.

Taylor’s first ever Youtube Video

Youtube has suspended his channel which had nearly 1500 subscribers.


A convicted stalker, suspected peadophile and a financial fraudster, Matt Taylor’s online existence has now been permanently erased.

Matt Taylor never Existed

Taylor burst onto the Truth Movement in 2014, when he clashed with Ian R Crane and Brian Gerrish at AV5, at a Truth Conference at which he uncovered a cover-up.

Since then he has attracted over a million readers to his Guerrilla Democracy News blog, becoming a regular topic of interest in the HOAXTEAD Research community and an arch critic of conspiracy writer Chris Spivey.

Claiming to have unmasked a satanic super soldier, Taylor is said to have been shutdown by MI6, following calls from ChristChurch shooting survivors including Elliot Marshall Dawson.


Elliot Dawson Responds to Christchurch Shooting Allegations

Keen to distract from a diplomatic incident with the New Zealand government, the shut down and erasing of Matt Taylor’s existence for the Internet, may actually hinder a current and in-going investigation into Historical Child sexual abuse called Operation Hydrant, by removing certain videos relating to the historical child sexual abuse, which answers the questions asked by the PSD Department of Sussex Police in their investigation.

operation h 1operation h 2operation h 3

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been made aware of the situation and is set to call a Cobra meeting after the Easter Holiday break.

Matt Taylor no longer exists.

no more youtube

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